Kids Thrive With Family

Terri Trice, kinship development at Child Protective Services’ Waco office advocates Kinship Care first, to the benefit of the child…

Every parent facing off in court with Child Protective Services, in which no effort was made to place children with family members, should print and keep this article, which ran in the Waco Herald-Tribune, Monday, January 26, 2009

Terri Trice, who works in kinship development at Child Protective Services’ Waco office, said family members and close friends typically are looked to first when the agency must remove children from their home.

Any parents in Waco know differently? Is there really an agency that is following the law as it is written? Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

“It’s just a lot better for children if we can place them with a relative,” she said, citing less emotional trauma for the children, easier transition regarding cultures and religion, and placing less of a burden on foster facilities.

Print off the entire article and make it part of your evidence in court. What have you got to lose?

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