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Fighting Court Bias

Fighting Court Bias in Arkansas

Six years ago, I was a recently divorced single mom. I was struggling and turned to my mother for help. I was offered a job out of state and had asked my mother to care for my children long enough for me to be able to find a home where the job was.

I signed guardianship of my children to my mother in case of an emergency. I’ve been denied the right to be with my children ever since. I have been through two different lawyers. I have been fighting for custody of my children, Evelynn (11 yrs) and Jessyca (9 yrs) in the courts for 3 years now.

When I started, I had been paying child support, yet I was denied all contact with my children. Recently I have been allowed a meager 12 hours of unsupervised visitation a month. I now pay the maximum allowable child support for my income, $264.00 twice a month!

Criminals are allowed more contact with their children than myself! Even deadbeat fathers get standard visitation of every other weekend and holidays!

I have had a stable home and a stable job for several years. I have no physical or mental disability to prevent me for providing a good life for my children. I have been involved with child protective services and they found me to be a good mother. I have even had parenting classes provided to me by child protective services at my request!

I want custody of my children. My children have stated to a court appointed counselor as well as a court appointed (for them) attorney that they want to live with my husband and I.

My home has been proven fit for my children. I have a bedroom all ready for my little girls to come home. I have never been found unfit by child services. I don’t even have a criminal record other than traffic tickets. So, what I want to know is what is stopping the courts from allowing me to raise my children?

My mother was raised in Yell County, Arkansas, where my case is being heard. She personally knows the judge and all the court employees. When I first filed for custody of my children, with out my mother’s knowledge, somehow she was able to file a counter suit before my case was ever served to her!

She used to baby-sit the mother of one of the court clerks employed at Danville Court house. I know in my heart that there is a serious miscarriage of the law happening in this case. I feel that as long as my case is a Yell County court case, I will never get my children back. I feel that the court is unfairly biased against me, to the benefit of my mother.

Why else would this court system fail my children and myself so badly? I am tired of watching my children cry every time I have to return them to their grandmother. Please, I am begging you to help me. I just want to be a mommy. Please help me!

Thank you for your time,

Russellville, Arkansas
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  1. Kathie Leah Hudson

    I am an attorney in Little Rock and I have major problems with the abuse of the Guardianship statute in Arkansas which is used as a back-door to removing parental rights without due process. The statute has to be changed, the legislature needs to hear stories like yours along with the many other cases I intend to present. I would be interested in speaking with you about what role you might be willing to play in stopping this abuse.

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