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Foster Parent Critical

Your site says "Child Protective Service agencies abuse their federally funded, state endorsed authority to destroy the lives of close to 1,000 children each and every day of the year."

I have five of those children in my home.

One was strapped in an infant car seat at 14-months-old and left in the roach infested bathroom because the birth mom’s (aka BM) new boyfriend thought he was a brat. He was in the hospital for the first 5-days with a diaper rash that had eaten away his skin to the bone.

One was sexually molested along with her 5 sisters by her BM; she was 9-months-old. One had so much methamphetamine in his system at birth that he suffered cardiac arrest at birth and was on oxygen and a heart monitor till he was 6-months-old; he’s autistic.

One has violent mood swings and self-injurious behaviors; his birth mother used meth through her pregnancy ’til she was arrested in a meth lab raid.

And one has fetal alcohol syndrome and struggles just to hold a pencil; he’ll be 6 years old on Christmas.

Each one of them were one of the 1000 children you mention whose lives were "destroyed" daily by CPS. Do you know what destroy means?


  1. Anonymous

    i am a foster parent who has 3 foster children. i am not a gold digger, i grew up in a rough poor neighborhood. but i went to school and made something of my self i always wanted to help a child who needed a home to protect them and keep them safe and nurture their needs. i agree some children are removed innocently from their homes. but majority of the children in foster care are either born drug addicted, fetal alcohol syndrome, physical abuse, and sexual abuse, and tons of neglect. my 2 foster kids is in care for child neglect, the bm would leave toddlers alone, while she partied with her friends, and she has over 6 kids in custody and pregnant again, my other foster child is an toddler whom i had since newborn, the child was born drug addicted, and suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome and has numerous illnesses and which we are in and out of the e.r constantly, i wish not to take no one's child away from anyone. but i am a good foster mother and give them all the love and hope they deserve. i understand both sides to the stories but to tell someone whom is doing a selfless beautiful thing that they are going to hell it a crock of shit. i think if these biological parents get their shit together then they would get their children back. every child has a goal for reunification,. but sometimes the biological parents dont abide by their case plans therefore the child stays in the system. as for the innocent parents, i feel for them, you just have to becareful whom you bring into your home and around your children and how you dicipline your kids in public because someone can hold a grudge or look for an excuse to hotline you.

  2. Annette M. Hall

    "I agree some children are removed innocently from their homes. but majority of the children in foster care are either born drug addicted, fetal alcohol syndrome, physical abuse, and sexual abuse, and tons of neglect."This is a flawed generalization and is not true. Maybe where you live this is the case and yes, there are many children born to addicted parents and it is shameful and heartbreaking to watch what these children endure.However, if you would do a little research on your own, you would find that the majority of investigations are false allegations of abuse against good and decent parents. Over 50% of all abuse reports made are by public school workers and medical workers, because they are mandatory reporters and must report anything suspicious under penalty of law, which is part of the problem.While the stated purpose of CPS is reunification, most CPS agencies are not in the business of providing reunification assistance; they are interested in rounding up as many children as possible to boost their numbers.The facts do not lie; please do not take my word for anything. Do the research for yourself; the numbers are out there for you and anyone to view.I do not understand why so many people come to the defense of our broken CPS system, when the numbers do not lie. People need to wake up — and quickly because a wise many once said, "As the family goes, so goes the nation." We are facing a huge uphill battle. Our families are in danger.Can people not read or what? Wake up!

  3. Annette M. Hall

    I am glad there are some good foster parents out there, but it's been my personal experience that for every one good and caring foster parent, there are four that are users and/or abusive.Kidjacked is not the "let's beat up on foster parents" website. Though I'm sure some of you may believe that. All any of us has to do it read the news. There are DAILY reports of foster children who are killed at the hands of their foster parents or other foster children.If you are a foster parent today, you are either fearless or crooked. The crooked ones see an easy way to make money, providing minimal care to the children, using them as slave labor and sometimes worse. The other group of foster parents need to be aware that one wrong move with just one foster child, can leave you open to investigation and the possible removal of your own children and prosecution — whether you are guilty or not, doesn't seem to matter.These are scary times for any parent.

  4. Anonymous

    "I have seen these very parents that think they can give 3 swats with a belt and not do emotional harm sitting beside me in court."Give me a break! I've spanked all my children and I was spanked as a child myself. Good parents spank their children, when necessary, it helps a child to know they are loved and cared for. It is an irresponsible parent who neglects to properly train their child.And just in case you were wondering, spanking is legal in most states., even the state knows something you do not. Spanking alone, is not considered abuse, though in these times, I would never spank my child in public. As parents we need to be mindful of our child's needs and emotional well-being, which is why when our son was young he was spanked in the privacy of his own room, with a short talk before and after, with lots of hugs and kisses and assurances of our love. He is growing into a wonderful, respectful young man. I am laughing as I write, because we haven't spanked our son in several years, though at times I admit I have threatened him with a spanking when he gets too big for his britches. Just the other day he got himself into a jam and was in trouble. We had a long talk with him about his actions and what we expect from him. After our chat, he walked into his room and brought back a belt and handed it to me, so that I could spank him. This to me was a sign of maturity that did my heart good. I gave him a hug and asked him if he really thought he needed a spanking. He said, "No, but I deserve one." When a child is old enough to know that he deserves a spanking for his actions, it's a pretty sure bet that spankings are no longer needed.

  5. Anonymous

    This is the investigation report filed by CPS against me. Look how the story changes right there on the first page. I know it's hard to read, just remember it is all lies and twisted truths. The rest is posted at If this is how CPS does business, then God help us all. This is page 1 and the rest is posted at I can't find an attorney unless I want to pay one from out of town $20,000. I work and am trying to get a home equity loan so I can pay something. None of the attorneys here in Odessa, TX will touch this because this is how CPS does business. It's very hard to read, just remember they're all lies and twisted truths. This all happened at 2:30 in the morning and after being harassed by Sgt. Whitfield and Medina for 30 minutes, this is what they came up with. Pretty stupid to put the lie right there on the first page, don't you think?INVESTIGATION REPORTMedina,Hector SShinsako,Jennifer AECTOR2525 N GRANDVIEW, STEODESSA, TX 79761-1600Intake NarrativeDocument worker The Reagan Sheriffs Department got a call about a vehicle that ran into a deer. The Police officer could not look up the people in the car. The PO looked them up when he got back to the station and found out that the OV(16 yo f) was a run away. The PO then was able to pull the car over a second time and detain the OV. The PD made contact with the MO. The'MO stated that she does not have reliable transportation to pick the OV up from the police station. The MO told the PD to release the OV to the boys that she was with. The PD did not feel comfortable doing this. The PO has no reason to hold the OV at this time or to place the OV in juvenile hall. The OV is currently at the Police Station.The OV stated that the home is a mess very dirty. The MO has 24 animals living in the home. The Ov stated that the MO punches/hits the OV with whatever the MO can grab or get a hold of at the time. The MO has also thrown the OV into the wall. The MO calls the OV names and takes everything out on the OV. On 8/1/09 the OV tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist because of the way the MO treats the OV. Immediate assistance is beirig requested at this time. Called out to CPS Ector County OCW Hector Medina at 3:45 AM and told to place on Hector's work load.Janna Weiss PSIS IICONCLUSIONS:CPS, NSUP, PHNG, PHAB, EMAB, P1.The OV(16 yo f) ran away and MO/AP will not come get her from the Police station. The OV made an out cry of PHAB, PHNG,and EMAB. Immediate assistance is being requested at this time.Notice how it goes from "can't" to "won't" very clearly? They then use these three allegations along with numerous other lies they told from 12 years ago when they took my older daughter and sent her to her estranged father in California. I haven't seen her since. This daughter told me she never said any of this and in their investigation report, it states that the interview was, conveniently, not recorded nor any pictures taken due to my daughter being upset. I do not have 24 animals – which I can prove, my house was pretty beat up but not dirty – pictures included and I have never lifted a hand to this child. Also, there are several emails between my daughter and I posted there with my defense to each allegation. This all happened at 2:30 in the morning when an officer with the Odessa Police Department contacted me. They had this filed at 3:45 that same morning after harassing and intimidating me for several minutes each.

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