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Anonymous Callers

I recently lost my mother and, as I’m sure this is a familiar scenario; instead of drawing our remaining family closer, my brother and I are now mortal enemies.

Anonymous Callers

He has called DCF anonymously on me 4 different times, each back-to-back, meaning I have been under a microscope for over a year. What I’d like to know is, how can a system designed to protect children, gage in any way whether this system is a success, failure or somewhere in the middle if a large portion of its’ calls are anonymous? If an individual can continuously call anonymously, how is it determined if this is not a case of harassment?

I understand the reason for anonymous reporting. However, I feel that although that individual’s identity won’t be released to the person(s) accused, they need to be held accountable in some way for making the accusation.

I suggest that anyone who calls in a report should be willing to have a check into his or her background as well. If they have nothing to hide, and aren’t simply using this as a means of revenge, then not only would it stop people with this intent, but, by getting both sides of the “story,” would it not give a more complete and clearer picture of the truth?

Moreover, as much as we’d like to think we live in a nonjudgmental world — well, need I say more?

In each of the 4 instances, the police showed up at my kids’ school, without my even being notified. I am no longer comfortable attending school functions, but, even more tragic; every time the doorbell rings, my kids panic.

My neighbors have all been interrogated by the DCF caseworkers so once again I automatically look guilty!

This system needs to be reevaluated, and monumental changes need to be made to truly protect our children!

It is unjust and absolutely despicable to think that this country, founded on the rights of the individual, not only leaves the accused with no rights, oftentimes, these rights aren’t merely overlooked, they are denied and abused.

You cannot determine a system’s success when there simply is no way to measure its’ status. And, moreover, how are the future outcomes of these kids being tracked, reported, and by what means are these outcomes evaluated?

These incidents have terrified my kids, and caused horrific problems where there previously were none. I ask you the public, but, also, I am directly inquiring as to how DCF plans to repair all the damage and devastation they have caused?


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