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Kids In The Middle

While parents, foster parents and caseworkers are busy with their own power struggle, it’s the children who pay the price. One foster mom weighs in on her experience…

We are a foster family that cares very much about the kids placed in our care. But we also know the system isn’t perfect.

We too have gotten frustrated with caseworkers. We know they are overloaded, but kids are innocent and deserve the best from everyone involved – bio parents, foster parents, caseworkers, teachers, etc. We have even been the victims of a vindictive caseworker, but not only did we suffer, much worse was that the kids paid the price for her immature behavior.

We also get to see the side of lying, manipulative, bio parents that don’t really want their kids back, they just don’t want anyone else to have them because it would make them look bad. And before you try and say we just want to adopt, we only do foster care and do everything we can to support reunification. We only do sibling sets and space them out.

We don’t need the money, we spend much more on them they any reimbursements we get. Just remember that no matter what the circumstances are in your case, be cooperative and follow the treatment plan as quickly as possible. That is the best way to get your kids back. If you don’t want them, please let them go to someone who does.

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