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Kidjacked is pleased to announce a new feature. Create your own blog at and tell the world your story. This new feature has been in the planning stages for months.

The editor of Kidjacked wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to share their story and be heard. By organizing the blogs all in one location, we will become a strong voice, united in the quest for family rights. Our children deserve the best we can give them, not to be Kidjacked by agents of a government hell bent on destroying the family.

Fight back today! Tell your story and be heard.

~Annette M. Hall,
Editor of


  1. Kidjacked Editor

    Well, the new blogging feature has been a little slow to get off the ground but it’s off to a good start. The only problem we seem to be having is keeping ahead of the spam. I certainly don’t know how spammers manage to find places to spam so quickly. 🙂

    Please know that we are doing our very best to keep up with the spammers. Feel free to contact the webmaster of Kidjacked, if you ever find an inappropriate post here.

    While you may find mild language on some of the blogs, the administrators really do frown upon using colorful language, no matter how badly the blogger has been treated by government representatives and their flunkies.

    Mother always said that those who use fowl language, do so because of a lack of vocabulary. Let’s continue to use our words and not display our ignorance. 🙂

    Thanks for all who have submitted their blogs for inclusion on My Kidjacked.


  2. Kidjacked Editor

    We’ve made huge improvements in our filtering technology now, so if the only thing holding you back from creating YOUR blog is the fear of spam, we’re beyond that now. Give it a try!

  3. Jeannie

    I just finished reading the Vermont story involving the Smithe Family-their story is so much like our own and we too live in the Middlebury area. The story notes Joey’s efforts to contact the media and Iam on the verge of doing the same in order for our story to be heard. I also have the attention of Gov. Douglas re: our case. I know you cant release the Smithes contact information, but can you pass on my information to them in hopes they will contact me to discuss the same situations we have experienced with the Middlebury DCF office? Will you please ask the Smithes if they would be willing to talk with me.

  4. Annette

    Can you provide me with a link to their story? I probably won’t have the time to look into it until Monday because we are swamped this weekend. But I’d be glad to help any way I can.

  5. Milos Leubner

    Annette , I am greatfull for everything and anything you are doing here , my daughters were taken in April ,2006 , I got them back two years latter , thank God! I have a Federal law suit against the County of San Joaquin ( Yes,CA) , it’s diffficult to juggle all the lifes challenges and pro se law suit along with that . Maybe I could post my Pleadings on your site here or elsewhere , so those who may contemplate going to Federal Courts with their stories can get some basic info. There are other ,better sources ,of course . You will not find pro bono attorney for this type of a case for number of reasons – first one – the finances .
    It may take six,seven years to complete such a suit and any little mistake will hurt your case badly. Even if you are in forma pauperis – poor peoples justice experiment – that will help you very little , so your options are limited by your time , energy ,money and such – BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE !!! I am falling asleep ,got to go to bed .Will get back to you or anyone else , you can also e-mail me anytime or/and make my addr. available . Milos Leubner

  6. malinda deavor

    I am lookin for some one who has Information on how to fight the system when a familyis being abused by it

  7. Anita

    I live in VA. and would like anybody in the state who has been abused by DSS regarding their children or grandchildren, please help me start a petition. I will need all the names that we can get. My next comment will give you the site to go to for the petiton I am starting.

  8. kauthar muhammad

    hi my name is kauthar i am a mother that has been pleged by cps. first they took my children april 30th 2008 claims of me physicaly abusing my oldest daughter instead of only taking her they took all of my children even my new born tho they could clearly see that there was nothing wrong with them. over the weekend i was harrassed and threatend by the social worker to sign a voleentary placement aggreeement i did not feel that what had happened was voluntary and did not feel that i should sign anything without leagal representation over seeing the document first,when i told this to the social worker he got extremely upset with me and told me that they don’t talk to lawyers he yelled and screamed and made threats of if i did not sign the paperwork that he would file with the courts and my children would be lost in the state forever. after that conversation my fiance contacted his lawyer and aloud him to listen to a threatning messege that the worker had left my fiances’ lawyer aggreed to call after hearing the mess. but when the lawyer tried to call and speak with the worker he yelled at him saying i don’t talk to lawyers! and hung up on him also. so the next day the worker continued to call even tho we told him to deal with the lawyer because under advice of legal counsel we were told to sign nothing, but he still called from his cell phone until 8:30pm that night, iwas so frightened to be at home alone that i had my fiancee stay home from work and then i called the police and they confirmed that yes this was indeed harrassment because he continued to call even tho we asked him to speak with the lawyer and the officer made a report. the following day i reported the incident to the workers suporvisor and she did nothing but she did inform me that the state had been holding my children illeagally at that point, so i asked then when would my children be returning home? she played tug of war with me then said that if i could get someone to stay with us that could pass a background check to stay in my home for a period of 3 miths then my children could come home and that i would sign the vpa tho it would be back dated so they would’nt get into trouble. may 5th my fiance, mother, friend and i all came to dshs to get the children but even tho i had told the supervisor about her college hassassing me she still had him to come out to have me sign the paper work but once again he started yelling and threatning so i asked when would my children be arriving and he told me that he didn’t know nor did he care. so i felt something was wrong and said that we would sign no paperwork until we saw our children the worker yelled i’ll see you in court ms. muhammad! and slammed the the door. then his supervisor came out and asked what was wrong? i explained that i was uncomfortable becuse he was yelling and never showed me how i would get copies off what we would be signing, the super. told me that the paperwork was carbon copied so i would get the top part but i showed her that the carbon had been ripped off she quickly asked another college of hers to get new paperwork and she did, i also let the super. know that nothing would be signed until i saw my chidren and she agreed i also asked for something in writing showing that the children would be released back into our care so that we would have no trouble when we got home. so a safety plan was drawn up and it included no physical disipline the next day we had a ftdm meeting witch included friends, fam. support workers ,school rep. and the worker released my friend from the 3 moth hold saying sense family preservation services were in place there was no need to have her remain in the home and they also asked if there was anyon that would keep the children if this should ever happen again my friend spoke up annd they named him and his wife as fictiv kin. 2 wks. later cps called me asking to come to my home in the next 30min. i refused because my new born and 1 yr. old and i were down for a nap and i needed to be awake for my children to come home from school. we agreed to schedle for 8am the next day. the next day the worker never showed until later that evening with the police making claims that i had spanked my children when they had no marks and 2 were asleep they asked them had they ever been spanked before they said yes not meaning recently and at that age they didn’t know time frame the workers knew i would be home because i had an app. with fps that night at 6pm that is the exact time they showed and i was told by the fps worker that she was told not to keep her app. or call because they were going to pick up the children. sense my children have been in state care they have been exposed to crack cocain my 6 yr old tested positive they have had mrsa swine flu pneumonia made to dress outside to put their night time clothes on hair cut threatened by the foster parent yelled at my 3 yr old for going ptty in her pants the state also got us in a car accident witch messed mine and my fiances back and neck up and all these things they try to cover up now sense we have been fighting so hard now they’ve tried to accuse us of sexually touching or molesting our children for over a year now yet they have no proof any thing of the such has happend no test have confirmed such hanis accusations we have not been to jail, they are try to desrtoy us so that they can keep our children if any one knows any answres please don’t hessitate to call 253-761-3285 or email thank you for listening to our story

  9. Kidjacked Editor

    Dear Anita,

    Unless you are going to circulate a real — paper petition, do not bother. Online petitions are a waste of time and do nothing to further your cause. You would be far better off writing your legislators and encouraging other others to write their U.S. House Representative — they control the money.

    Always remember — follow the money honey!

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