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Denied Due Process

Hello from Washoe County, Nevada,
My parental rights were terminated without due process April 12, 2005 by a corrupted System here. I joined several Internet AFRA groups and have not been able to get any help.

I filed an appeal in Carson City, Nevada Supreme Court and was not able to argue my case in front of a judge. I had to pay $700.00 to have my appeal just sit on someone’s desk for one-year. I filed it as Sui Juris and I was denied a hearing or anything.

My 3 boys were taken from me on September 10th, 2004 and there were no investigations or appeals process offered. My boys’ maternal grandmother was denied guardianship (placement), they were placed in a shelter then papers were filed for TPR. Visitations were not allowed as often as they should have been.

My oldest son has a traumatic brain injury from a 1996 car accident. My husband and I had public defenders that were assigned and they would not help us get the 3 boys back home. My boys are now ages 17, 11, and 8. Is there anyone willing to come to Reno, NV, to help?

Cindy in Reno, NV


  1. Anonymous

    To "good luck bud" sounds like you have a personal vendetta against Lyz and her family. What have YOU done lately to make a difference? How many children have YOU raised? How much money do YOU have? What did you do, follow this woman from town to town, or you related to her and never tried to help? just blame, blame, blame.

    There are a lot of drugs out there, smoking marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes. I'm sorry but street drugs aren't as bad as prescription drugs and you probably take those. How many people have YOU taken care of in your life? WHO DIED AND MADE YOU GOD???

    I know a lot of good people who have been addicted to drugs, it's all over this country and the world, but people that condemn others without having solutions, well you can join that herd. You're narcissistic and probably a lot of other things as well. I would be ashamed of kicking someone when they're down if I was you.What a twerp. You're a worse human being than that person could ever be…CHECK YOURSELF!

  2. Andrea

    I lost my son to bs Washoe County cps……finally couldn’t take anymore & agreed to an adoption… it’s been 3 years later & I’ve never gotten one phone call or pic or letter…….if anyone out there is/has gone thru this or any type of loss of a child please call me at # 775 232 1364 or email me at

    My name is Andrea but everyone calls me “andi”! Maybe we can provide support to each other since no one else has any clue whatsoever to have their child taken away for lame azz excuses while at the same moment a baby is being beaten & killed and no one seems 2 care!!!!

    But god forbid that i didnt have the ideal pregnancy care……..didnt warrant the “child abuse & neglect” charge they brought against me & my husband (also we were not allowed to have the same lawyer or even 2 from the same office………i feel violated and singled out because my husband asked for a dna test in the hospital & i guess that some lady i knew went to cps & told them that i was using drugs although my son and. i were tested (hair & clean random tests that i passed with no dirties for a little over 18 months until i finally decided to sign him over to be adopted before he was too old and got stuck in the system………obviously they (cps) or dcf its sometimes called have decided that they know whats best 4 our kids!!!!

    If we stand together we can make sure that no other mommy goes thru the pain and sorrow that we have to endure!!!! please call me…………i think that we might be able to make a difference

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