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Mohave, AZ Family Request

$10,000.00 Adoption Bonus offered to Mohave County, AZ social workers — Adoption Bonus Must End

I’m looking for someone who can help me with my case. CPS took my children with no desire to ever return them. My husband and myself are still fighting for them.

The social worker lies in court, the judge accepts every word she utters. Even when we proved the social worker was lying, the judge still sided with her and her statements.

The person who has my children agrees that my children should be returned home, and has been threaten repeatedly that the children will be removed if she doesn’t lie as well, and back up the social workers lies. Since the children are with family the fear of losing them forever in in place.

In this county social workers get $10,000 bonus for every adopted child, so instead of reunification, they push adoption, with a 90% adoption rate in the whole court, 100% in our courtroom. Another judge ordered that we could see our children and speak to them as often as we wanted, however the social worker again has threaten to remove the children for any other reason if we are to see them.

The childrens attorney said even though the judge made his order, the social worker could make up a reason, and as terrible as ours is, she believes she would.

Our children what to come home, we do speak once a week for 20 minutes, which is not enough but better than nothing, however my children beg to come home they are not happy, they need to be with ther mother and father.

Can you help fight CPS and help bring our children home?



  1. joshua jeffries

    go to az supreme court website and watch the video training.the training is for judges and might help you learn there system and loopholes.the dependency process by rubin and reese

  2. victimized by cps

    I’m in the same boat. My 14 year old daughter said i beat her and my two older daughters were removed from my home. my two year old son was taken illegally after they arrested me on what falls into the category of false imprisonment and refused to leave my son with his biological paternal grandfather or my sister, same mom same dad… they said they were just gonna take him for the night. it was two days later the charges were dismissed and three weeks before i even got to seem6y son. they separated him from my two older girls and didn’t allow sibling visitation at all. according to the state laws in order for them to remove a child’s sibling from the home there must be independent circumstances existing to believe he is in imminent danger of abuse or neglect. tell me there is not some kind of incentive to push adoption in this state? Both family members were present at time of my arrest and both were able and willing to care for my son. yet they want to claim they made reasonable efforts to prevent or eliminate the need for out of home placement and they claim at the time there were no family members able or willing to care for the children… Yeah my but_…

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