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Good News for Reform?

Pacific Justice Institute issued a press release yesterday regarding a recent California Supreme Court ruling, which could have an unintended result…

Good News for Reform Movement?

California Supreme Court Denies Rehearing and Stay of Gay Marriages

San Francisco, CA – The California Supreme Court today denied requests to stay its gay marriage ruling until the November election. The Court also denied requests to rehear the case.  The Court’s ruling makes clear that its previous ruling will become final at 5:00 p.m. on June 16. Gay couples will then be able to legally marry.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, had the following reaction, "The stakes are now even higher for the Protect Marriage Initiative in November. To date, the California Supreme Court has refused to respect the will of the people. In November, the people will have an opportunity to respond."

Just days ago, California’s Secretary of State confirmed that the Protect Marriage Initiative will appear on the November ballot. The initiative language is identical to the traditional marriage definition of Prop. 22, which was struck down by the state Supreme Court; however, this time the initiative is a state constitutional amendment, which would be much more difficult for the Court to overturn.

In light of the Court’s rulings, Pacific Justice Institute is communicating with pastors and churches throughout California to mobilize support for the Protect Marriage Initiative and to ensure that churches are legally protected as they continue to promote Biblical marriage.

Contact: President Brad Dacus
Pacific Justice Institute
Telephone: (916) 857-6900.

While I’m not an advocate of so-called "Gay Marriage", this recent ruling could have the unintended effect of providing a boost in the arm to the CPS reform movement.

The problem faced today by most parents who find themselves up against the CPS behemoth is a lack of money. Federal statistics claim that same sex couples have much higher income levels on average than do heterosexual couples with children.

Once homosexual couples find themselves facing the family courts in significant numbers, we could reach the tipping point that finally turns the tables in favor of the parents and children. It’s simply an added bonus that courts today are loath to appear to discriminate against these unnatural unions.

In an article published on Mens News Daily, Jim Untershine had this to say…

Successful breadwinners of a same-sex household will be targeted by officers of the Family Court when their dependent partner is now forced to file for divorce. Instead of moving on with their lives, or amicably separating with conditions, the Family Court will now force the financial disclosure from both and attempt to establish a cash flow between them that is unfair enough to entice further litigation.

One must wonder just how successful the states policy of Kidjacking children will be against parents who actually have the money to mount a proper defense and hire the experts needed to turn the tables on CPS caseworkers and judges who have operated unchecked for many years now. Only time will tell!

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