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Home in Changsha, Hunan

He Family Safely Back Home In China.

Mr. & Mrs. He wish to extend their sincere thanks to all who have prayed and acted on their behalf. Their long arduous ordeal is now over, the family has arrived safely back in China.

Thanks to all the tireless efforts made by “Hunan Vocational College of Science & Technology,” a wonderful elementary school in Changsha has managed to accept Anna Mae, Andy and Avita. The three lovely children are going to enroll as full-time students by the end of this month.

With graciousness and gratitude, we have received comfort from many people who always put Anna Mae in their thoughts. None of their kind wishes has gone in vain:

Anna Mae and her siblings are now happily settled in China; their caring dad has been offered a professorship by a college.

As parents, we believe it’s always in her best interest for Anna Mae to be together with her loving parents and siblings. We equally believe it’s in her best interest for Anna Mae to live in China, so that she may have an opportunity to learn about her Chinese culture and her roots: where she is from.

As always, the He family remains humble and grateful to all who have offered selfless help to this family’s reunification and smooth transition.

Mr. and Mrs. He
Changsha, Hunan

The He Family Fight

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