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Hardened Criminal

Hardened Criminal - Outside in Underware

In Dec. 2006, DCFS came to my house with a bogus report (again). They had a report that my 4-year-old was outside in his underwear.

I did exactly what I learned to do. I politely asked for her warrant, she did not have one. She was adamant about coming in my home. I politely told her that when she returns with a warrant then I would gladly allow her into my home.

Then the cop said that they don’t need a warrant. I explained the same to him. She then told me that she is getting a pick up order because I wouldn’t allow her in. The cop explained to me that she is taking my kids because I refused to allow her into my house. She only wanted to talk to my kids.

I then allowed her to talk to my kids outside. My kids would not speak. They got scared from the CPS workers hounding them with questions and started crying. I got fed up and grabbed my kids and told them to leave. She replied and said she needed to take them away from me and interview them. I refused and told her to get a warrant, turned and went back in my house and closed my door.

She returned about 20-minutes later with a pick up order to take all my kids. Including my oldest son who was at wrestling practice at the time.

In court the next day, the CPS worker stated that I bumped her while I was holding my baby and they charged me with assault. Since my 4-year-old son was outside in his underwear they charged me with 4 counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor, (1 for each child). I am also being charged with obstruction to an officer. I have yet to go to trial for these charges.

I do not know what I need to do. Do I press charges against these police officers? Does her having a pick up order give them a right to come in my home without a warrant?

If you know of anyone that can help me, please give him or her my telephone number (229) 424-7642.

Thank you and God Bless.

PS. I did contact head of DHR in Atlanta the next day and I did get my kids back after being in foster care for 9-days. CPS has since closed the case and I have not heard form them since (covering their asses, I know). I still have 6-charges pending against me.

(229) 423-7642

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