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Get Nate Home

Get Nate Home

My name is Rufina Shteynberg and I am a member of a group who is trying to help Nate Tseglin and his family. Nate has a Aspersers syndrome (mild form of autism) and has been handcuffed and removed from the loving and caring home of Riva and Ilya in Irvine, CA.

He has been placed in the ill reputed Fairview Development Center, a mental institution and being drugged with psychotropic drugs against his and his parent will. Because of this treatment he had suffered from epileptic seizures and had been admitted to emergency room (ER) numerous times and his health had deteriorated dramatically.

Dear Friends,

Please help us raise awareness to the tragedy of this family, publish an article about Nate on your site, look at for more details, then sign a petition to support Nate and his family.

Phone: (408) 807-4787

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