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Here’s an alert to those of you in Illinois. DCFS is at it again and obviously needs to snatch more kids.

Today I was coming out to my car and there was a "henchman" from DCFS with a little boy who was trying to go to school and the DCFS shark had just gotten the boy to tell him where he lived.

I stopped in my tracks because I knew it didn’t look right and who was this man on our apartment complex. My daughter said it was DCFS.

He then took the boy to the school bus and came back in his car and started to go into the building obviously looking for the parents.

I took the opportunity to roll down my car window and call him a home wrecker, which he heard – good! I do not know the boy well enough to have taken him with me and do not know his parents only have seen him.

Anyway, I then learned from my daughter that DCFS had been at my apartment complex last week and took two little girls from their mother.

There is nothing wrong with this little boy – appropriately dressed, etc. and we see him each day – he’s 5 and does not know what is about to hit him. There was nothing wrong with the girls either.

I was told they were taken because they were in the middle of a fight by the parent and her boyfriend.

I intend to put up signs in the other buildings on my complex alerting parents, because I know they love to prey on single parents, apartments, those that are less fortunate, etc.

I didn’t confront the DFC henchman further because I still have 5 months to go until my daughter turns 18 and don’t want to invite any more encounters with them on myself. (My daughter has learned not to talk to them).

So, anyway warn your kids not to talk to them and beware – Illinois DCFS needs clients again!

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  1. I admit proudly that I am a foster parent for DCFS and adopted 3 severely abused children from foster care. These children came to my home right after the abuse and I spent months in children’s hospital praying daily for my 4 year old daughter to survive.

    She was nearly dead when DCFS found her in the home of her mother and the mother’s boyfriend. It is sadistic what these parents did to these 3 children and yet DCFS gave the mother every opportunity to rehabilitate and regain custody of her children. She did not comply.

    I have given a loving and stable home to many many children over the years and the majority of them were able to return home to their parents. I have a good realationship with most of these families to this very day and often receive phone calls from a child who is missing us or a mother who has a parenting question.

    I have also seen children returned to their parents against DCFS requests by a court and those children have returned to us broken and abused once again. So, I realize the purpose of this site but I want everyone who comes across it to understand that NOT ALL DCFS WORKERS ARE BAD AND CERTAINTLY NOT ALL FOSTER PARENTS ARE BAD and while I will not dispute that some of your stories are true and that DCFS has made mistakes, they are not in the business of "kidjacking".

  2. Actually, not all protective service agencies are in the "Kidjacking" business but sadly, many are. I've been posting articles to the state pages that provide plenty of evidence. Of course you sound like you are too busy patting yourself on the back to actually spend the time reading the facts.We all have our part and I'm doing my part to expose the evil.

  3. I’m looking for people who have had there kids taken by the state of ILL for a class action suite with a lawyer Please if you have a case in ILL or had kids taken please email me at Denise@pastcps.org THANKS

  4. I am certain there are some good caring individuals out there working on behalf of needy children. Sady, there are some child workers out there who are in the business of “kidjacking” children.

    Some states seem to have much more corruption that others. From everything I’ve read or had submitted, I believe the worst states to live in — as far as child protection workers removing children without good cause — are Texas, Michigan and Illinois. These three states seem to have more problems (child deaths in foster care, adoption and foster care abuses) than most other states combined.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    If what you have stated here is true I don’t understand why your registered as Anonymous. For those of us who have had our grandchildren stolen from us, we would love to believe their are people out their who truly are their to help the children.

    I have some questions if you don’t mind answering for all of us who are on the other side, you stated above:

    “the DCFS gave the mother every opportunity to rehabilitate and regain custody of her children but She did not comply.”

    Can you be more specific? I mean, what did they do to help her regain custody? Did they make her one of their case plans? Of course they did. But then they left her on her own, right? Did they really help her with her situation, which you never stated what it was, drugs, money, job, home, education, a real lawyer perhaps?

    I’m willing to bet they did nothing to help her, but give her that case plan that they knew she couldn’t finish without MONEY. Oh, that brings me to the most important question for FOSTERPARNTS. How much money do you get for each child you love and pray for?

    You say she is your 4 yr old daughter, which I assume you adopted her, and you still get money from the state for her, am I correct? That is why it is called kidjacked/child trafficing, its all about money, if you wasn’t making a profit off these kids you wouldn’t be doing it.

    If I am wrong then I am truly sorry that would make you 1 in a million and being anonymous is stupid as you should be recognized as someone who is doing the right thing. Maybe out of all those families you brought back together, at least one of them would also like to give you some recognition and the rest of us hope.

    We will see, MAYBE when you come out from being Anonymous.

  6. My daughter has completed all there service plans, counseling, rehab and passed all drug testing and they still want to revoke her paretal rights! This has been a nightmare caused by her in-laws after her husbands death (lost his fight with cancer).

    Is there anyone who can help!!! We are running out of time with no where to turn!! I have a lawyer and have already spent $10,000!!PLEASE HELP!!!!

  7. DCFS seems to be justifying their budget these day. Have been investigated over half a dozen times. All because my ex remarried a state trooper and they know how to play the system. She isn’t even allowed to report anymore because of all her false allegations. A kids sunburn turns into child endangerment, a cut on the chin from a fall while playing in a gravel drive is neglect.

    The Williamson county office is full of hostile, vindictive women who are against men from the start. I see the same names on my reports again and again over the last 5 years.

    I am fighting my 3rd appeal. Just went through the criminal court system through her friend the Assistant States Attorney and found not guilty on all counts yet DCFS wants to proceed on the exact same evidence.

    DCFS has turned into an organization trying to justify their existence and the number of employees they have by creating more cases. I have run into a few reasonable DCFS workers, but they have come too far and few between and those are mostly too scared to go against the supervisors and managers you have unwritten mandates to have more founded cases.

  8. I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care I’m still fighting for my the worker on my case she tell lies the public defender did not do nothing on my case my kids are suffering in foster care we have to stop cps / family court I would like to start having group meetings here in ohio I would like for anyone to contact me my e-mail is kindnessohio33@yaoo.com

  9. I have been in contact with DCFS after 3 weeks of the incident. Here is my story; aparently, 3 weeks ago, they interviewed my son without notifying the parents. They interviewed my son because he was being questioned about his school work not being completed. When the teacher confronted my son of this issue, she also mentioned that she will notify me of his work being completed. Once this was stated from the teacher, my son automatically said, dont because I will get spanked. The teacher then calls DCFS, and interviews my son. After 3 weeks later, I get a call from DCFS that my son is being abused.

    To make long story short – the case was dropped because there is no sufficient evidence to pursue this case.

    As a loving mother; I did my inverstigation, and to all the loving parents out there, beware of DCFS. Please note that they cannot come in to your house with a search warrant, and teach your kids to say, “I dont want to be interviewed without my parents”. They have the right to say this, and teach your kids this because DCFS are manipulative. As many other organization, DCFS is not 100% honest of their job. Essentially, the more kids they have, the more they are rewarded. I believe that there are kids out there that really needs help, and parents should be punished. However, DCFS are out of control, and are destroying healthy families.

    I am a professor, and would never thought I would encounter this. My advise for everyone out there, do your research, and know your rights as parents.

  10. My sister recently lost her child for child endangerment she took a load of laundry inside the house before taking the kids inside and while inside for only 5 minutes someone called the cops on her for leaving teh kids in teh car unsupervised staqting she had done so for over 20 minutes. She needs your help! Although they were in the car they were in her sight of view the whole time and she was not inside that long. The cops have had a problem with our family for years in this town do to occurences they have had with our older brother. They have all blown this situation way out of the water and we do not want to loose nathan. They wouldnt place nathan in the care of any family member and instead have placed him in an orphanage. The cops stated that my mother has a drinking problem with no evidence to back it up and dcfs has just taken their word for it. She has never been in trouble with the law but yet they still wouldnt place nathan with her. I believe they are already working on the paperwork to have him adopted although they have not stated it. If any of you can help us please please please I beg of you contact me!!!! Thank you!

  11. We are now fighting with DCFS in IL. My soon to be ex son in law’s mother works for the police department. After telling us they would no accept any pictures from us as they could be photoshopped and the dates changed on a personal camera, they are accepting all of the ones he took. She has gotten him copies of police reports. They refuse to speak with us or our attorney at all. We are seriously just waiting at this point because we know they are going to do all they can to take this child. At only 16 mos she is way too young for this. No one will listen and we can NOT get an impartial investigation at all. They say any bruises from learning to walk are neglect. Bruises or bumps from falls the same. We have no where to turn and money is a major issue. We don’t have it.

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