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CAMIS/CPS Registry

Attention Washington State Families: Join possible class action lawsuit.

If you or someone you know has had their name published on the Case and Management Information System (CAMIS)/Child Protective Service (CPS) Registry specifically for “Abandonment” without Notice and/or Due Process, please contact , our Olympia attorney would like to hear from you regarding a possible class action lawsuit against DSHS.


  1. Ka Lynn Cook

    Almost two years ago my children where taken while I was at work. I was not notified by my CPS worker that my children had been picked up.

    When I got home from work 3 hours later, is when I found out they where in state care, my life to say the least, has been hell ever since. The CPS worker tried to use my one year old daughters SIDS death against me, then turned all of my words around on me, including. saying I said I could not control my oldest son.

    They took my children for abandonment, and supposed neglect. I was made to go to inpatient treatment for what was supposed to be 30 days, with children returned. Not the case. After 30-days I got a notice that I was to move to another 6-month inpatient program.

    Mind you I had not seen my 2 year old daughter, this whole time. Her foster family said she couldn’t handle seeing me like that.

    Anyways back to the point, once moved to the 6 mo. program I am informed that I can only have my youngest daughter placed there with me. My CPS worker tells me after I complete the 6 months, my oldest, my now 10 yr old will be placed with me.

    To make a very long heart breaking story short, my sons name is Zon Wayne, he just turned 10 years old. Until this birthday I had never missed, one in his life, he is very missed and loved by all of his family and we just want him home.

    His little sister Lilly Ann has been at home with me since I completed the 6 month program, and I dont understand nor do I agree with why he is not at home. Also, it has been a year since my visits, which have been wrongfully taken. As of last month in court I was award them back, but still I have yet to get a return phone call to set up our visits.


  2. Kidjacked Editor

    Please email me directly with the name of your social worker, her phone number, your county and state. I’ll see if I can’t put the fear of God into them.

    Alternatively, you can file a motion with the judge, demanding they obey the courts order. You should also consider, filing an official complaint with CPS in your county — it must be done on official forms — you must ask for them. They work!

    Please contact your U.S. House Representative, they can and should launch an investigation for disobeying a court order. Call and ask to speak to the aid that handles DHS investigations.

    if you do file all of the above, it will piss them off. Smile and nod. They will move their feet because they don’t like the attention. 🙂 Have fun! You are well on your way to having your child returned.

  3. buddy

    CAMIS/CPS Registry – please contact , our Olympia attorney would like to hear from you regarding a possible class action lawsuit against DSHS.


  4. michelle hernandez

    please help me my kids have been taked away from me and now they want to take my rights away i have been going online to find my rights and i know that i have one hell of a law suit but what do i do next i need an attorney fast that i can pay after case is done

    i have 5 children that were taked from me on failure to protect my husband molested them and i turned him in and they took them from me and whats even worst is that 2 of my kids lived with my mom the whole time and took them from her

    please help me and help us all they are getting away with destroying families and one more thing is that they have my 9 year old on drugs =( please some one hear my cry … im not a drunk or a druggie i am a good mom call if you like 253 266 1094

  5. Jessica Wright

    My four year old twin boys were taken from me at a park, shortly after being released from the Monroe Police Department, Monroe, WA. The boys Father and I were arrested but never charged for anything we were accused of. The social worker told the judge at our shelter care hearing that our boys were “ferral” and had extreme behavioral challenges. He told the judge that he made them an appointment for the following day for a very hard to get behavioral/ mental health exam. Which became the decideing factor to the judge to keep our boys in foster care. We have had numerous family members pass background checks and home checks, not to mention we have moved since all this has happened. Our trial date is not for another month. And my boys are still in foster care. Any suggestions please help me!!!

  6. David Seigman

    For over a year now I have watch a very good friend of mine fight a horrible battle with CPS in Whatcom county. The court ordered CPS to provide for a full mental health evaluation because CPS claimed her mental health adversely affected her son. CPS never followed the court order to provide the evaluation. My friend see’s a therapist and takes all of the medications prescribed by her mental health provider. At one of the court hearing the Judge said to my friend that “If you are compliant with all of the court orders and reccomendations you will have your son back in 6 months. At the six month review hearing my friend proved compliance with all of requirements of the courts. It turned out that the court did not want to here about the compliance issues. The only concern has and always was is the Father ready to take the child. The court allowed Cps to abuse the time limits on filing paperwork. The son ended up being sent to the father in North Dakota. This was supposed to be temporary. The case is not closed. I have witnessed perjury by CPS workers in court. Her lawyer is lazy and useless. Now the court has ordered CPS to request funds for her to go to visit her son. That was in the first week in June 2012. Cps does not even return her calls when she tries to find out about the funding. The court will not close the case without a parenting plan in place. The Father is now trying to prevent her for having any contact with her son, stating her mental health is affecting her son. The is no proof of this because there was never an evaluation done. She is on her medications and has been seeing her provider for over a year. Please find a way to help her before CPS allows this lie to continue.

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