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Public Education

Washington Public Education Opportunity – at Cabelas in Lacey, Washington on Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jan Smith, administrator of Washington State Extended Families is gathering a list of supporters for a classaction lawsuit of untold proportions against CPS.

So far she has five and is seeking 200 or more. "It shouldn’t be difficult with CPS affecting upwards of 300,000 children, parents and extended families each year. They are not organized for defense and that is what I am going to change," Smith reports.

She states that the mandatory reporting laws to CPS and law enforcement "only," is unconstitutional violating the 14th Amendment that encourages freedom of choice and liberty.

Washington Class Action Lawsuit

"The system is full of corruption and self interest and the mandatory reporting laws entrap people into their program. Once CPS is involved, the families are subjected to whatever CPS wants to dole out." She further says that privatization is the only solution to this nationwide monopsony that devastates the family by the wholesale marketing of children to adoptive families.

"The Revised Code of Washington (RCW), starting at the seventy-two hour shelter care hearings are often open ended with a "disclaimer" attached." Smith goes on to say that this is similar to a speed law with a disclaimer that has an overarching value with an out. "The value is 60 miles an hour, but if one works for the state or a connected organization then it is ok to go 90 if it is at all inconvenient to go 60." She goes on to say that the laws encourage unfair application and subjectivity.

"One set of relatives may have the children immediately after removal and another may find themselves under a pile of redtape and propaganda not seeing the children for months, years and maybe never again."

Smith is also encouraging other states to follow suit then gather together to refute federal laws governing CPS. "I am amazed at how powerful they really are, with committees, organizations and involvement in virtually all aspects of government. It is almost impossible to file a complaint and not have CPS staring back as a co-chair."

Education is Key to Change

"Education is key to change and CPS is reluctant to provide that." Smith is starting a consultant and CPS prevention program that seeks to educate the general public before there is CPS involvement or at least in the early stages. "I am instructing both parents and extended families who need to understand how their actions affect the other.

The state may be tearing families apart and isolating extended family but I am determined to help them stay together." She is conducting her first public education class at Cabelas in Lacey on Thursday, January 31st from 6-8 p.m. in the boardroom upstairs. To participate in this event, write to , Administrator, Washington State Extended Families.

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