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A Child’s Best Interest

An open letter to Julie Shawley urging her to act in the best interest of a child she has been charged with protecting.

Grand Jury Investigation Request

To: Julie Shawley, LCDHS
2555 Midpoint Drive
Ft.Collins, CO 80525

Dec. 7th, 2007
Pearl Harbor Day

Hello Julie,

I understand that this is difficult for you to comprehend. I would imagine that most of the problem is communication. You don’t know me from Adam. I have never met you. All you know about me is hearsay from your sources. I am trying to help you to help Connor.

We are both bound by the same laws. Everyone has to act "in the best interest of Connor." I am NOT asking you to divulge information about Connor – and I know you can’t. What is needed is for the Department of Human Service to review the information that I have, and that the department, and the COURT does not posses.

There is no way I can explain this to you with a phone call. I don’t think I can even explain this in one simple letter. I don’t mean to belittle you. I do not know how knowledgeable you are about Connor’s situation, but you are his caseworker so I am offering this to you. I am going to guess that you not going to do anything about this, or you feel that you can’t.

I have in my possession roughly four years of child therapy notes from Connor’s sessions dating back to 2002. I also have some personal articles that Connor brought from his stay at the first foster care home he was in. I also have a videotape of Connor at the Child Advocacy center in Fort Collins.

If you will take some time to review the child’s information you will find that Connor was in the departments custody and in the care of Bob and Jan Elshoff. The court granted me Custody of Connor in July of 2004 – right?

In April of 2005, the department regained custody of Connor under the “suspicion” that he was sexually abused because of disclosure he made to his therapist-right? I was or am listed as the perpetrator – right?

The department terminated my parental rights in A civil lawsuit because I had sexually abused my own child. – Wrong!

Julie, I am not in jail. I am not a criminal. I have not abused Connor. Before you get disinterested in this letter. The documents I have from the Larimer center for mental heath clearly and distinctly show that Connor had made disclosures of sexual abuse in 2003 while he was in the care of Bob and Jan Elshof before the court granted me custody separately from the child’s mother.

It is not that the child’s relatives or even myself do not believe that Connor was sexually abused. We believe he has. It was not perpetrated by me.

It cannot be in the child’s best interest to receive mental heath treatments for abuse conducted by his biological father, when the abuse was not conducted by his biological father. It cannot be in Connor’s best interest to be instructed that his biological father has done this to him. It cannot be in the child’s best interest for him to be educated or parented by anyone who has been informed that he has been sexually abused by his biological father. It cannot be in his best interest that Connor believes that his biological father has abused him.

I have already contacted law enforcement about Connor disclosures about Jan and Bob Elshof, because that what’s I was instructed to do by the District attorney’s office first. I also attended a lecture by a family court Judge offline. Reading some of the content of Connor’s therapy notes is grossly disturbing. The court needs to review it. So here is the problem, as I understand it by an attorney that acts as child guardian ad litem. I do not have ready accessibility to the court in this matter because my parental rights were terminated, but you do as his caseworker, and because you have custody.

So, if I do not bring forth this information, and act in Connor’s best interest it is against the law. If you do not act in Connor’s best it is against the law. I do not have access to him but you do. I am going to make several copies of Connor’s information including electronic storage.

How do you propose that we both "act in the best interest of the child?"

Darin Barrett
2814 W. 13th Street,
Loveland, CO 80537

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