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Urgent in IOWA

If any of you know of or have friends or relatives in IOWA, please get in touch with me ASAP~!!! I have a family that is in an emergency situation that desperately NEEDS help TODAY~!!!

The mother has been caught in a situation that she had NO control over what-so-ever and due to the circumstances she is now in that she did NOT create of her own making, she is in dire NEED of a friend or someone who is there in or within driving distance IOWA who can help her.

In answer to your question in advance, NO, CPS has not taken her child, yet or knocked on her door. However, if we can’t get some help for her, THEY WILL as soon as they find out she is where she is and the urgent needs she has. She has done NOTHING WRONG, but someone else close to her DID and that is what has created her situation.

I can’t elaborate more at the moment in this message for safety and security reasons. If you or someone you know might be able to go to her and help her, please email me and let me know. I will put you in touch with her and provide more details then. Time is CRITICAL!

Thank You.


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