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Income vs. Skills

I have two ex-partners whom have both used cps workers for there own benefit. I have two teenage sons and three smaller children.

Over the years both fathers whom do not work, both live with parents, both have additional criminal backgrounds and have used government based services to make allegations about me, which have resulted in very serious action against me and my children.

All three younger children have been taken, whilst the father of these small children has nothing better to do, than attend court hearings and watch my heart slowly break. When I see my children and they ask me why they cannot come home, how do I explain, I had to stop working to give my full attention to all of my children and therefore my income has decreased.

Are we being judged by our wealth, not our parenting skills? My children tell me they are staying in a house with a pool, there caregiver, whom I’m not allowed to meet, sent a card to my son, whom she does not know.

I would not wish for anyone to experience the pain, which I feel or endure the court proceedings where you trust no one. I know this is a fight and I am quite prepared but the affects of this situation will stay with me forever.

J.T. from the U.K.

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