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Post Parental Termination

Lost Forever to her Family

I am trying to find out information on couples having more children after they have had involuntary parental termination. In other words, if they have more children, will they automatically loose those children or not.

Can the state, that stole their children through Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) process, then take action to abduct subsequent children, even if the parents move to another state to have children?

Even if you don’t know the answer, would you have any ideas on how to find this information, as I have searched the web and can find nothing on post TPR.



  1. fay arron bell

    we are trying to find out the same thing we have moved two states away on our lawyers advice and are researching this same subject i believe we are expecting again and dont quite know what to do.

  2. Kidjacked Editor

    The state can and often will step in and remove subsequent children born into a family who have had parents TPR’d. If you are healthy, you might want to consider hiring a mid-wife and having a homebirth.

    Over the years, some parents have been successful in having the TPR reversed but it is still a rare occasion.

    If you do have a hospital birth, you may want to consider having an attorney on standby, keeping the infant in your room and having someone who is willing and able to stay with you, your entire hospital stay, to help keep an eye on the staff and the child.

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