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Grieving Mom Seeks Direction

Boys eat too many sweets

Nothing compares to the sorrow a mother feels without her child. Sara grieves the loss of her boys.

My two sons were taken in 1996. The proceedings were conducted like a witch-hunt. I knew at the time if I got hold of the court transcripts (as is my right) that I would have a sure win case. I exhausted all avenues to acquire the transcripts and everyone gave me the run around. I was pushed aside at all turns.

Eventually I gave up and gave in. Pursuing this issue made the pain unbearable. I was too devastated. This occurred in the state of Maine. I found out afterwards that Maine is among the top 3 offenders regarding "stealing" children.

At this time many others were suing Maine for issues similar to mine and winning. Many of the cases were the instances of abuse by caseworkers and foster homes in the local newspapers at this time.

I have felt my loss everyday. Even now it is difficult for me to see your site because I get so sad for my loss the only way I’ve dealt with it is to lock it up and try not to think of my boys. My arms feel empty all the time and I have no closure.

Here is my question for you; is it too late for me to seek any kind of justice? I want to actively do anything I can, (even if it only helps others.)

My sons have been adopted out. My "father" has contact with them and their so-called new "parents." This is all well and good.

Recently, I found a recent picture of my eldest son in my father’s photos. My son looked generally healthy but it was obvious that he has not brushed his teeth in what, years? The white gunk on his teeth breaks my heart yet again. What else is he not being taught?

I am a very bitter person because of my experience. Maybe the information I seek is already here on your website but there is so much of it here and I don’t want to reopen old wounds for nothing. Is it too late for me?

Also, is there anything I can do to further the cause on a national scale? Point me in the right direction please. I’ve never used a forum and am new at this type of communication.

Thank you again and God bless you for your website.


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  1. gram sherri

    dear sara, i understand what u r going thru. i dont have much info for u but i was trying to contact some people like dr. phil or opera or the ellen show maybe thinking if someone in the spot light maybe could help they r always doing something for a cause. I dont know im like you grasping at straws. maybe enough people contact them maybe they might help. I figer we have nothing else to loose. Good luck. Please hang in there for your babys…

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