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CPS Condoned Abuse

I just found your site and read a few things that made me sick; For instance, the woman who was in trouble because her son had worn dirty socks to school. So wearing dirty socks warrants an investigation?

Well what about when a 9-year-old child’s father puts him in a head lock and pushes the tip of a toy knife into his neck and pushes hard and make the statement "You are not a professional, if your going to have a knife be prepared to defend yourself!"

Or how bout when this same man has been turned in to CPS by a school social worker? This man is abusing my child! I cannot get anyone to help! I have gotten a protective order against this man to keep him away from my child and me and they still want me to send my son for his visitation!

CPS refuses to investigate this man! He has already been proven unfit as a parent to one child, killed a man, been in drug rehab and he is always drunk! My son is afraid to go over there! What can I do to put an end to this?


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