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Our Voice in Washington

Learn how to lobby your legislator for change.

I’m watching a Dateline story about a man who was wrongly accused of murder, emotionally devastated by family deaths, then lied to, in order to obtain an Alfred Plea. As I listened to his story and all that his supporters did in their fight for him, I began to ponder the issues we face.

As a previous legislative director in the fight for homeschooling freedoms, I learned the importance of posturing, public image and perception, and our duty to stand up for family and freedom.

Kidjacked is a major success bigger than I ever could have imagined. Traffic to the site is steadily on the rise and my next project should propel us further. I need two volunteers from each state. The qualifications of the individuals selected are very specific. I need volunteers with a background in: the legal profession including paralegals; businessmen and women or authors. You will assist others in putting their stories down on “paper.” These must be well written because they will be used for lobbying purposes.

I need you to contact everyone you know who has had contact from CPS. We want stories and lots of them. I will be creating a nationwide database of cases with lists of persons willing to testify before congress. I can’t do it alone folks, but I can train you be more effective in Washington. I’ve never had a CPS case, so I can’t assist you working your case. I will continue to provide information that you can use to win your own case.

If you are working a case, be sure to check out the state pages for current information. If you know of a news report that is not listed in the Kidjacked News section, be sure to send it in.

Some states are still a little shy on details and I’m not certain why that is. Every link that is submitted is evaluated for possible inclusion on the site. Old links (those more than a year old will not be considered eligible for inclusion on the site, unless it contains information deemed relevant in possible future disputes.

If you are mad as hell and tired of being pushed around, now is the time to stand up and speak out.

As far as your submissions:

  • Articles will not be considered for publication that are submitted in all CAPS or all lowercase.
  • Submissions with more than 5-spelling errors and major grammatical errors will be held until someone is available to review them (and it won’t be me).
  • My time is divided between working enough to support my family and updating the many other sites we maintain (I’ve lost count.). I simply can’t afford to spend hours proofing articles. Have a friend check yours out. I have many stories being held now that should be up.
  • Include a statement with your submission giving Kidjacked editors permission to print. Please include any photo’s you wish to share; the children’s faces can be shielded for privacy upon request.
  • Send in links of your personal web site, web pages and blog postings. Be sure to tell me what state you are in and I need a name to publish – it doesn’t have to be your own — just a way to identify the post. If you include your name and phone number we can contact you personally about your case and if you are so inclined; please include the actual caseworkers names and job titles; also include any judges names or prosecuting attorneys involved in your case. The more names we can list, the easier it will be to track them and their activities. This will be used as evidence against them.

I have switched over one of my other sites to server as Kidjacked’s new e-mail group. You can sign up now by using this link: Join Kidjacked This new page will be used to share information and communicate future plans.

We are going to make a stink in Washington.

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