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Loudoun CO Kidjacking

My son was recently taken hostage by DFS from his school. He is ten years old and suffers from bipolar disorder and ADHD. He is currently doing well; he is stable on medication and being treated by a private psychiatrist and private therapist.

The Loudoun County Department of Family Services (Virginia) filed a petition to terminate my parental rights because last fall, in home services, provided by them through FAPT failed to work. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, May 22, 2007.

On the Friday afternoon prior, my son was taken by DFS from his special school (in Fairfax County), held hostage and traumatized for five days before being returned to me — on order of the court — without cause — only to insure my appearance at court!

Yet the case will call on and we are forced to have this held over our heads until a hearing on August 31, 2007.


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