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OH: DCFS Shenanigans

Portage County OH Update from Family Defense Network of Ohio

Here is the latest update on the Portage County case where a rookie social worker ripped an eleven-year-old girl from her parents because she had a “black eye” and a “bruise” on her back. Even after proving that the black eye occurred in gymnastics class, and the so-called “bruise” was a birthmark the girl had on her back since birth, the DCFS still has the girl in foster care.

As usual, the truth doesn’t matter to social services. When the mom sent me a synopsis of what had happened during the past several days, she wrote, “You will not believe what they pulled today… Well, you probably will, but not anybody else.” Believe it folks, here are some of the shenanigans going on in Portage County.

The Ohio revised code demands that when a child is taken from their parents by social services, the DCFS must first attempt to place that child with a relative, if there is one available. If the social worker decides that the relative is unfit, then they must submit to the court, in writing, why the child is not being placed with that relative. The actual law reads as follows:

§ 2151.314 Detention or shelter care hearing.

(B)(2) The court shall determine whether there are any relatives of the child who are willing to be temporary custodians of the child. If any relative is willing to be a temporary custodian, the child would otherwise be placed or retained in shelter care, and the appointment is appropriate, the court shall appoint the relative as temporary custodian of the child,
unless the court appoints another relative as temporary custodian.

If it determines that the appointment of a relative as custodian would not be appropriate, it shall issue a written opinion setting forth the reasons for its determination and give a copy of the opinion to all parties and to the guardian ad litem of the child.

Here is another example of how the law means nothing to social workers. When the parent’s attorney submitted a request that the dad’s brother and sister in law be assigned as custodians of the girl while the case was pending, social services started their antics.

First, social workers went to the uncle and aunt’s home and did a white-glove inspection. Then they did their background checks. When they could find nothing wrong, they insisted that an inspection needed to be conducted by the fire marshall, an electrical inspection was required, and the water needed to be tested for safety. And it all had to be done within 24-hours!

So the aunt and uncle went to work. They got the inspections the social workers demanded and had their water tested to make sure it was safe for human consumption. Well, that didn’t satisfy the social workers. The social workers told the prospective custodians that they needed to come to the house themselves and draw the water to have it tested (the implication being that the aunt and uncle “switched” vials, much like a dishonest drug addict at a random urine test). So that test was conducted, and walla… the water was safe.

So after jumping through all of the hoops like little puppies trying to please their master, everyone found out today that social services never intended on placing the girl with the aunt and uncle. Can you guess why? (Keep your paper bag handy, you can either use it to keep from hyperventilating or you can barf in it).

The reason the girl was not placed with the aunt and uncle is because they do not believe the girl was abused by the parents!

You may as well take the entire Ohio Revised Code and throw it right out the window with these people. They didn’t bother to submit their reason in writing, either. But then again, did any one of us expect them to follow the rules?

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  1. kindness

    I live in stark county ohio I have 2 kids in foster care my case worker wants my 2 kids to be put for adoption. We have to all come together, we have to stop cps & family court, we need a organization here in ohio.

    We all need to come together to start a class action law suit against cps. I would like for anyone in ohio to contact me. We all need a lot of help & support we have to stop cps & family court now.

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