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PA: Help Needed

The Pennsylvania Office of Children Youth and Families (OCYF), are out of control. They are removing children from loving, caring families and letting the real child abusers keep their children. My children were taken over 20 months ago, we have done everything CYS has asked for and are not even close to having our children returned.

Can anybody help? I don’t know what else to do to save my family.



  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully thats the truth that, you were not an abusive parent. There are 4 girls that come to my families daycare, that are neglected and emotional scared. They still havent proved that the parent is unfit. 2 of the girls are extremely out of control for their age. Constantly getting in trouble at school. And isnt enough proof?! I want to take custody of the 2 younger girls. But I dont think the mother will agree to it. Im not even sure if reporting to to cps is worth it. I dont know where the girls will be going if they finally take action. I dont know if I will still be able to take action for them.

  2. Jennifer Foster

    Anonymous, CPS is not worth reporting anything to, in fact it only makes things worse for children. CPS custody generally sucks for kids and the workers are very good at manipulating, lying, and just generally good at making a kid’s life even more miserable than ever. Check out AFRA for information about this agency that cares about kids as much as fleas care about dogs. Granted, there are very few workeres that can actually see beyond the nose on their face when everything is ok, but these are few and far between. My half brother could tell you stories that will curl your hair with the kind of people he was forced to live with, but he still hasn’t revealed everything that happened to him from age nine to 18. All over a spanking a boyfriend of my mother’s had no right to do but felt that since he was a guy, he had the right to do as he wished. I regret with all my being telling him to report it. What I was hoping for that the boyfriend would go to jail for a very long time, but it was my brother and half sister who were actually punished. CPS has never helped anyone in real trouble. Report to the police if its serious, if not it is none of your business. Too damn many people think that they know what is happening in a family home when they really do not know squat about anything.

  3. tina

    yes pa is out of control. i was not abusive and lost housing so my kids were taken. the schools set u up by having programs for homeless kids which in return they call cyf. the schools are 89% of the time the reason cyf comes. from there they buid a case. eveb if they have to lie to buikd one they wlln tth

  4. tina louise

    I believe the evidence is enough to prove my innocence. CPS targets certain child profiles that are in demand in the foster community.Its a shame how i have to live.If I would have known this was occuring before I had children, I would not have had kids.My son died 4years ago so appearantly in the best interest of my kids they made sure we moved past the death fast because god forbid if we greived as a family,thats considered disfunctional.I dont tell people forcefully how they better greive or parent.and now they keep nit picking for no reason.and the reasons given do not make sense.

  5. tina louise

    thats what happened to me.never was abusive and lost housing so they took them and put them elsewhere and in court no one allows me to speak my side so what ever is said is what the judge believes.its crazy.when i try to explain they cut me off.its so unfair and terrible.they take advantage of woman that cant pay $3000 for a real attorney

  6. tina louise

    i need parents to contact me if they know this is me and start power trips using my kids lifes to hurt me then that wlll just build a stronger case for me.i have the attorney.i found many attorneys that represent u for free.people are on power trips and they hurt little kids to get back at the parent.that there proves a majority of the people are not competent to be dealing with precious little lives.i would never seek revenge and use a child to accomplish my point and win the war.might as well start stealing candy from babys next because thats the elementary level minded people regulating serious life altering issues that desparetly need competent professionals that have grown up and are able to decide whats what minus self centered ego serving

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