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Order: Sui Juris

Will and Pamela Gaston are well respected for the work they have done over the years in the fight for parental rights. Sadly, Pamela past away several years ago, leaving Wilbur (better known as brother Will) to fight the battle alone.

Recently, it was discovered that their website "A Voice for Children," is MIA and all efforts to contact Will have been unresponsive. I have sent off a letter to Will requesting more information about ordering his book and inquiring about his downed website. I’ll let you know when I hear back from him.

A gentleman in Colorado who had ordered their insightful book, "Sui Juris – The Truth in the Record," contacted me because he had not received the book he ordered, to see if I had any information on how to contact Will.

I was informed on Saturday, April 7th, 2007 that the book had finally arrived as ordered (on March 5th to his PO Box). Will has still not responded to e-mails and all phone numbers I have located online are still not working.

Anyone interested in ordering the book "Sui Juris – The Truth in the Record," can do so by following the instructions below. Book orders are still being filled. Though the order form requests you allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, please allow at least two months before becoming concerned. Apparently, it’s taking a lot longer to get them out these days.

Order Form – Sui Juris

Will Gaston
PO Box 132
Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362

Shipping and Payment:

  • Please add $3.00 for first book to be shipped within the U.S.
  • Please add $1.50 for each additional book to be shipped within the U.S.
  • Send check or preferably Postal Money Orders with order.
  • Please make checks payable to Will Gaston
  • Please do not make checks payable to A Voice For Children.
  • If a book is to be mailed to a prison, please add $6 shipping. Sometimes, we have to re-ship 3 times to a prison address before the book gets delivered.

"Sui Juris – The Truth in the Record,"
A Process for the People to Access the Courts

Book Price:    $17.00
Shipping Cost: $3.00
Total Cost:    $20.00

Please ship my book to me at the following address:

Postal Address
City, State ZIP

Include your e-mail address and phone number if you wish.

Special thanks to Kip in Colorado!


Will Gastons website "A Voice for Children," is back up (as of May 16, 2008). Many of the links are pointing to a web archive but it’s a start. According to the site Will Gaston can be reached at (503) 632-7305 or .


  1. Phillip E Brasseur

    I’m writing this e-mail by voice, I have scleroderma. Gone through the worst of worst anyone could imagine.

    Both lawyers involved with Judge, mistake in the final order. I obtained Toyota RV, and the final order. They either read the final order I remodeled this old Toyota RV. One month after I remodeled the RV, the judge changed the final order, yes your right without a hearing. My lawyers have used this against me to force me into buying this RV for more than it’s worth.

    My wife has not followed the final order and also has used this mistake of the court to blackmail me into buying the RV for more than this value. She also used that excuse of the RV not to pay the money owed to me a $20,000 in the final.

    Will this book helped me??

    My nerves are shot, my lawyer tells the court that I have not responded to him, that’s a lie. Get a lawyer has sent me letters that I believe his mail fraud, I have my brother-in-law in the post office checking to see if I’m correct, he believes that I am. Letters sent to me from her lawyer, the date had been changed? You can actually see the right over from the typewriter.

    What we have here is three people the judge signing a final order that had an era, the second era was when she changed the final order without due process, my lawyer has quit working for me without my knowledge, her lawyer started to send me letters he used his post office stamp machine to change the date, but I have record from the post office coming this week to exactly when it was put into the nail. I am now going to try to represent myself and can’t see that I can do any worse than this.

    I would have never believed what you are saying two years ago,

  2. Phillip E Brasseur

    After ordering this book policy with how well it works, and then write another response to this.

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