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Dirty Sock Charges

More CPS reports originate at School, than any other place.

More CPS reports originate with schools, than any from other place.

Hi my name is Rose, I’m a single mother of 4 boys. Just this past Monday I got a phone call. I found out that we are under investigation by CPS.

The investigator informed me that he had already talked to my child at his school. He was very nosy ask me a couple questions like what are you doing now and things.

I told him that I had to go pick up my son. He said, “Oh, Joseph.”

I said, “No, My oldest.”

He never even knew I had more children. He started asking more questions when I stopped him and ask him what this was about. He never came out and told me, matter of fact, beat around the bush about it, then told me just a little. He said he needed to come out.

I told him my schedule. I work and this week had several appointments, anyway, he came out yesterday. I answered questions and he talked to most of my kids.

He said the allegations were that my son went to school one day with no socks, one day with dirty socks and that he wore the same outfit to school for 4 days straight. This is nuts! I have a 15-, 13-, 7-, and 5- year-old.

I’m not perfect and neither is my family but this is a crock someone at this school Joseph has only attended for 4-months now, is trying to cause my family harm. We haven’t lived in this area of town very long but I have learned that it’s not a very nice one.

I need to know what to do, how do I protect my family? What are my rights? I need some support. Can you give me some kind of direction, something please?

Thank you so much,
Huntington, West Virginia

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