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Who has Jurisdiction?

I just wanna go home!

I just wanna go home!

Our family came to Colorado last February on vacation because we had friends here and we felt we deserved a vacation after the last couple of years we had. We have a son who is three who is medically fragile – born with spina bifida, as well as a five year old little girl and a two-year-old little boy.

The three-year-old got sick so we took him to the hospital, then our youngest son also became ill, they both had the Roto virus. The hospital called DHS and told them we brought our son to Colorado unprepared. CPS then decided to make us stay here. We lost the house we were buying and our new car that only had a thirty-day tag.

They set us up in an apartment that cost us almost $1000. a month and had only two bedrooms, but they won’t pay for it. Later they put my sons health at risk by forcing me to send him to live with a relative to Ohio. After we lost the apartment because we were unable to pay the rent, my husband took the other two children to Ohio. Three weeks later the state took custody of the children, four months later Colorado DHS came to Ohio and expedited them back to Colorado and placed them in foster care.

The judge in Ohio tried to get them to transfer the case to Ohio since that is where we made our home but the judge in Colorado refused to transfer the case.

Then over thanksgiving my children were abused and several abuse complaints were even made against the foster parent by the visitation worker. Not one complaint was investigated.

After giving up custody of my eldest son willingly – in order to save his health – three months later they tried to terminate my parental rights. They failed to terminate my rights but the state granted permanent custody to my family.

We are still fighting for my oldest daughter and our youngest son. Since we have had the children in foster care they are trying to get my husband on charges of violating a custody order when they did not have custody until three weeks after they were residence of Ohio and no longer living with the jurisdiction of Colorado.

My daughter was sexually abused by an ex-family friend, the state is aware of this and informed us that he will get away with it because they waited too long to investigate the allegations.

Now the state is trying to accuse my husband of sexual abuse. Even though he has passed the lie detector and completed all the testing they requested they still won’t allow him to see his children – even under supervision.

I have a tape of DHS questioning of my daughter, it clearly shows they coerced her statements. After she said that nothing happened, they continued to pick at her, until she finally gave them what they wanted.

The judge ordered family reunification, but Kids Crossing won’t get on the ball and do as ordered by the court.

Please help I miss my children and I have not seen my oldest son in 8-months, he has been very ill and I have not been able to be there for him. His brother and sister miss him terribly, they have not seen or spoken to each other in almost a year.

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