Loving Dad Convicted

Christopher White has been wrongly convicted and sentenced to 35-years in prison for raping his two beautiful little girls.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. If that is true this slideshow is worth a billion words – words that scream out for the truth to be heard.

The Legal Battle

The legal battle began in March of 2002 when Chris’ two daughter’s were abducted from school by the Department of Human Services in Benton County, AR for being homelessness.

The Children were placed in seven different foster homes while their father was completing the classes that are required by the state to get your children returned. The family members were not allowed to care for the girls.

Free Christopher White

In October of 2002, one of his daughters had a bike accident and was taken to the emergency room by a foster parent.

In December of 2002, Chris was asked by CPS workers to come in voluntarily to answer questions regarding the biking accident. (None of his children had reported any sexual abuse of any kind.)

In June 2003, Chris was Charged with 2 Counts of Rape.

On June 16, 2004, Chris took and passed a polygraph test which showed no deception was indicated when questioned regarding the allegations of rape.

In September 2003, Chris had his parental rights terminated by the court.

On April 28th 2005, Chris was convicted of two counts of rape. He was represented by a public defender.

The heart of White’s defense was that the children had been sexually abused while in foster care, but that persons associated with the Department of Human Services, the Childrens Advocacy Center and the Ozark Guidance Center – disliking White, suspecting that he had sexually abused his children and perhaps wishing to avoid the reality that the children had been abused while in DHS custody – led, suggested and persuaded the children over a year of “therapy” to accuse their father and confirm the authorities’ preexisting conclusions.

Read the rest of Chris White’s ordeal.

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