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Lies and Damn Lies

Sharon and Michael Gravelle were sentenced today to two years jail-time and three years probation, in the most egregious judgment that comes to mind. Here is a couple that has been vilified in the media, their good name has been dragged through the mud, and to make matters worse, they were denied a fair trial.

The media can’t even get their stories straight. A case in point: Caged Kids Couple Jailed

Sky News states, "A couple who caged some of their 11 adopted, special-needs children in wire-and-wood enclosures, are now behind bars themselves."

I can personally attest to the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Gravelle are at home, awaiting their much deserved appeal. As for the "damning testimony" given by the children… These poor children didn’t have a chance. I had been grilled at length by social workers when I was in my teen years and they will promise you anything – even the opportunity to go home, if you will just "tell the truth" and say whatever they tell you to say. Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

After speaking with Sharen at length this evening, I am convinced that the children’s testimony was coached and that the children were "testifying" exactly as they were instructed to testify.

A few other facts of the case that never made it out of the courtroom…

  • An important fact that was not allowed to be addressed during the trial was that caseworker Jo Johnson obtained a fraudulent search warrant by lying to the Juvenile Judge who issued it. She stated the children were actually being held in a tiny cage, one that she knew was used only for the dogs.
  • The caseworker who actually worked closely with the Gravelle family for several years is actually being taken to court for defending the actions of Michael and Sharen Gravelle. Unlike the Gravelle’s her trial will be heard in another county due to media saturation; an action that was denied the Gravelle’s.
  • The caseworker even testified that removing the children from the home traumatized them and constituted an abuse far worse that the abuse the Gravelle’s were charged with and now stand to go to jail over.

There is much more to this case than meets the eye, as you can see by watching this, the first of several videos to be posted here over the coming weeks.

We ask that you pray for the children’s well-being and that you pray for Michael and Sharen Gravelle. If these parents can be charged with abuse. Who’s next?

The Gravelle’s need $4,000, in order to start their appeal. Please consider donating to their defense.

Please support the Gravelle family by sending a donation in any amount to:
Gravelle Family Defense Fund at Key Bank,
11 West Main Street,
Wakeman, Ohio 44889
Phone: (440) 839-2555

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