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Huron Co. Corruption

Sharon Gravelle responds via e-mail to questions that were asked of her. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the original e-mail, only her response. But it sheds a great deal of light on the proceedings and answers some questions, which have been asked here.

I don’t care if you post articles about Elaine Thompson but remember she is the only social worker that I know who left CPS and went out on her own because of the corruption within the agencies. She is also the only social worker we ever found to help us without drugging our children.

The only reason she is being charged is because she came to our defense in the court and then Russ Leffler the Huron county prosecutor made the public statement that “some people don’t know when to keep their mouths shut” and that is why he charged her with all those counts.

Russ Leffler is also making it known that he will not charge the Huron county social workers and the sheriffs who lied and made falsified statements to get a search warrant. In the signed affidavit it as stated that the beds were 24″x18″x30″ and locked — in order to obtain the search warrant. To add insult to injury Judge Earl McGimpsey suppressed the fact that the search warrant was illegal and that the county officials lied to obtain it during the trial and refused to allow testimony to that effect.

They falsified documents, lied in the depositions, juvenile and criminal trials in order to take the kids. The prosecutor was heard in the bank across from the court bad mouthing the Gravelles and the judge… he has done this since the case broke and the judge did nothing to him.

Russ Leffler even yelled during the criminal trial that Michael Gravelle should not try to represent Moses leading the people out of Egypt but since it is CHRISTmas Michael should try for a Jesus complex….again the judge did nothing. Russ was in the hall during court breaks calling Michael’s lawyer a motherf–er and also told him to go f–k himself, when Drucker asked him why he was doing this.

When Drucker asked Leffler why he was not separating the prosecution’s witnesses Russ Leffler (prosecutor) began to crow loudly outside the court room doors like a chicken. The list of injustices goes on and on and on and when they take our “internationally televised” case and win then there is not much hope for those that follow us in court.

I also have a two-hour video with retired FBI investigator Donald Parsons, who knows the corruption in Huron county and names the people—prosecutors, judges, lawyers, etc. who are involved in these cover-ups and I don’t know how to air the thing.

I was even told by one of the people that taped the DVD that the cameraman was going to sell it – maybe even to the county for a profit to keep it from being aired. I have seen the DVD and it certainly does name corrupt county workers, prosecutors, judges, etc. but how do I get it on the air?

I have had several organizations tell me that if we just don’t take a plea then they will be there for us… at least until they had Michael’s biological daughter get on the stand and testify that he molested her… and they have signed documents to prove it. I have seen the documents and they were not signed by him. But those will never be shown to the public will they? We tried to get a copy of the police investigators report, where it states that allegations were unsubstantiated but the policeman has since retired and the “paperwork” is in a cardboard box somewhere in the evidence room and no one has the time or inclination to find it.

All the evidence we have to prove ourselves innocent is in a box somewhere or the prosecutor will hold it until after the case is over.

He did that in 1993 and sent a man to jail for murder even though all the evidence says James was innocent. The prosecutor Russ Leffler even admitted in the media that he forged subpoenas to get medical records and then when asked by the same Judge McGimpsey about it, Leffler said, “It doesn’t matter because I didn’t use the records to convict James.

This is the same corrupt system we are fighting now.

This is the same prosecutor that said he doesn’t care if Huron County social workers or sheriff’s department lied or falsified records. Now the commissioners are saying they are proud of their workers and the head of CPS said he is proud of his workers and will not file any charges against them.

By the way the head of CPS (DJFS here) is also being charged with sexual harassment again. I think this is the 3rd time if I have been told correctly.

Here is one for you — I was told by someone out of the county engineer’s office about how many felonies and misdemeanors I would be charged with before the trial was even over. I was also told by some of the people who work with some of the jurors that #162 was going to get on the jury to make sure we get put into cages — he made the jury.

One juror told a friend of mine that he was an alternate before, he was “randomly” drawn by the judge, with the use of envelopes. Go figure.

Most of the jurors knew either the prosecutor, judge, social workers, or witnesses for the state or they knew several of the prosecution team but Judge McGimpsey said they could still be jurors — a jury of impartial peers—I think not!!!

The problem for us now is that sentencing is tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. and I have no way to show the DVD nor can I expose any of this without the money or time that an appeal would afford us.

So, remember that Elaine Thompson was on our side and fighting to help the Gravelles and keep the family together. oh! They also came to take our kids after being informed by CPS that she was on a plane to Paris so they came as she was getting on the plane — do you think that is coincidence? I could write all night, if you have any way to get a DVD online let me know.


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