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Drugging Foster Kids

Are Drugs Being Misused on Foster Kids?

Colby Holcomb’s mom concedes that the 8-year-old, who’s been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, can be a handful at home. But does such behavior merit the treatment Colby received in foster care?

Andrea Holcomb lost custody of her son when he was 7, after her ex-husband made allegations of sexual abuse, national correspondent Byron Pitts reported in this CBS News story. The allegations later proved false — but in the meantime, Colby was placed in the Texas foster care system. For 18 months, he was in at least five foster homes.

Andrea says Colby was on at least 20 different drugs when he was in foster care. Yet, she says she has “no idea” why and says it was never explained to her.

There’s Growing Concern That Anti-Psychotic Drugs Are Being Misused On Children In Foster Care

Andrea Holcolmb and her young son Colby are not unique. All too often children are placed in foster care before the facts of the case are in, in 90 cases out of 100, the allegations are proven to be totally false. Yet, the damage has already been done.

Once a child is removed from their home, away from the loving eyes of their parents, they are no longer protected – by anyone. Welfare workers and foster parents are left to seek medical treatment, psychological diagnoses and treatment against the parents wishes that are often anything but in the best interest of the child.

These unethical practices can prove to be detrimental to the child, the family unit and can even lead to death. These practices must be called into question and halted. Parents, who are presumed innocent, until proven guilty under the U.S. Constitution must be consulted before any decision are made regarding the well-being of their children, until a judge in a duly authorized court of law had deemed them unfit.

This is the only way we can hope to protect our children.

Below you will find links to more video’s documenting the problem and providing plenty of fodder for thought.

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