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Child Tug of War

Now comes the Baker’s trying to appeal to the public about their heartache and pain over losing little Anna Mae.

Little Anna Mae He

Little Anna Mae He

In this recently released video Jerry and Louise Baker are shown shamelessly coaxing Anna Mae for the camera. The Bakers are asking for help in their bid to continue their efforts to forever steal an innocent child from her natural parents.

Hasn’t the He Family been through enough? The Bakers had the financial resources to prolong this battle for over six long years. Those are six years that were forever stolen from the Hes and can never be returned. This gripping drama will play out for many years to come as little Anna Mae struggles to cope with the love of two families.

But is it really love that the Bakers have offered? If they really wanted what is best for Anna Mae He, wouldn’t they do their best to make this transition easier? Wouldn’t they have done their best to ensure visitation with her natural parents during this lengthy court battle?

An Emotional Casey He

In an article, which ran on February 20, in USA Today, Casey is depicted as being prone to emotional outburts.

In the early years of the court battles, Casey He was prone to strong emotional outbursts. And Jack was accused of sexually assaulting another student when he was attending the University of Memphis, causing him to lose his scholarship and his job. He was acquitted…

The Bakers are candid about their strategy to show Anna to the public now. “We want people to rise up and say this is not right,” Jerry says. What difference could that possibly make at this point? Perhaps, he says, a court will rehear their case and let them keep the child. Losing her, he says, would be like suffering a death.

I simply can’t believe what I’m reading… They steal another couples child under the guise of being helpful Christians, then they want sympathy from the general public for their plight. I’m sorry but what do they think they have put the He Family through?

I personally think Casey was entitled to being “prone to emotional outbursts.” As a mother, I couldn’t blame her if she went after the Bakers with a Samari sword, sawed-off shotgun or a a doberman pincher. You simply don’t mess with a woman’s child. It’s like teasing a black bear with marshmallows… it’s just not done.

Since the courts were aware that the Jack and Casey He were appealing the lower courts decision, wouldn’t it have been prudent for them to order regular visitations between Anna Mae and Jack and Casey He? Why didn’t the court take care to protect Anna Mae’s interest and heritage?

This case brings to mind many more questions than answers and leaves a thinking person scratching their head wondering what in the world is going on in this country. The State of Tennessee should be prepared for a lawsuit and to pay for the years of counciling this family will need in order to get over the trauma inflicted upon it by the Great State of Tennessee.

I do hope that Jerry and Louise Baker get the counseling they need. They claim to be a good Christian family but where I come from Christians do not behave in this manner. Christians try to lend a hand to others, they follow the Golden Rule and show compassion. Where is the Baker’s compassion for the He family they claimed to be helping through a rough financial situation?

It is my hope and prayer that the Bakers grow up, bow out gracefully and help Anna Mae transition back to a happy healthy life with her parents; not because that’s the easy thing to do but because it’s the right thing to do.


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