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Telephone Privacy

There are many reasons to protect your privacy and most of them are good ones.

Many of us depend on our telephone services caller ID blocking services to help in this effort to protect our privacy. You may be surprised to learn that those services aren’t kept as private as you may think.

When you call 900 numbers or toll-fee numbers such as 800 and 888, the company you are calling may be able to receive and display your phone number by using an FCC-regulated technology called Automatic Number Identification (ANI).

With ANI, there is no way to prevent your number from being identified during these calls. You cannot block your telephone number from being displayed as you can when you call other phone numbers.

If you want to keep your phone number private, use a company’s regular toll number instead of the toll-free number. Or, call from a payphone. If you do use a toll-free or a 900 number, you can ask that your number not be given to phone solicitors.

More Information on ANI

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