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Vasquez From Jail

Last week I found out that Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez is back in jail, so I sat down and wrote her a letter of encouragement, letting her know that we are all behind her.

She wrote me back today. It was a lengthy letter of ten pages, which details her ordeal. I will be posting it to the site, just as soon as I’ve had a chance to comply with her requests, which under the circumstances, should come first.

Sylvia’s bail has been raised from $1 million, to $5 million, after false allegations that she attempted to write her son (according to news reports). According to Sylvia, it was during a visit with her daughter that she accidentally lost a letter addressed to a friend, who the D.A. is accusing Vasquez of making up.

The entire thing makes so sense at all, since she was granted twice weekly visitation with her children, why would she risk writing them a letter and creating a fake friend? Of course anyone who has been involved with CPS and their minions, know that little makes sense in the scope of things.

I’ll be updating Sylvia’s story very soon. In the meantime, Sylvia has requested that I pass along her contact information, she would love to hear from you. She is also asking for updates on your own cases, so feel free to share your story with Sylvia. You know what they say? Misery loves company.

Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez Writes From Jail

Write Sylvia at:
Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez #675042
4436 Calle Real #163146
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Please know that your letter may be read by guards, before Sylvia gets it, so be careful what you write. The letter I received from Sylvia wasn’t sealed, anyone could have read it.

The jail has strict rules on what inmates are allowed to have: Letters mailed to inmates must contain the inmate’s booking number as part of the address. The jail will not accept certain items through the mail. Restricted items include packages, homemade greeting cards, Polaroid photographs, obscene or pornographic materials, personal checks, postage stamps or stamped envelopes, any type of food, and books or periodicals not directly sent from the publisher. Additionally, those wishing to send donations towards, stamps and personals, do not send cash, only money orders or cashiers checks are allowed – be sure to include her inmate number on the money order or cashier check.

Sylvia has specifically asked for books and other reading materials. I’ll be checking tomorrow to see if I can send her books directly from Amazon. I was thinking I would send along some books that she might use to fight her case.

Above all, if you decide to write to Sylvia, please be uplifting as much as possible. It hard enough being in jail, distractions are always helpful. So, try to be upbeat if you are writing about her case, feel free to talk about the nastiest of your own case, it will make her feel like she’s not alone. Please send my love to Sylvia.

Thanks in advance for keeping Sylvia and all the other mom’s and dad’s with empty arms tonight, in your thoughts and prayers. Please pray that state agents get exactly what they deserve for messing with our children.

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