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Oconee County, GA

Hi my name is Brandy and I want to warn all parents away from Oconee County, Georgia.

I’ve lived in many counties and struggled all my life but I had my babies with me and we were happy. Oconee County DFCS has destroyed my life almost completely and if they have their way they will finish me off.

They have my 3 beautiful daughters in their custody now because of social drug use. My little girls have been so traumatized since they came into our lives. When they took them from me they went to the school and picked them up…without me being able to tell them I love them, or why these were strangers taking them away or anything.

How was that in the best interest of my babies??

My children have never been left with strangers in their entire lives, not even with a sitter. I can only imagine how scary that must have been for them. I only get to see them 1-hour a week so there is not much time to talk about things.

I wish I could just lie in the bed and hold them and tell them everything is going to be ok. I can’t afford a lawyer and things don’t look so good. But I got off course there.

Out of all the counties I’ve lived in I’ve never seen any as bad as this one. Everyone I know with children in this county is going through something with these heartless cps workers. I tell everyone because I wish someone had told me.

Had I known, I would have moved into a box before I moving to this county.


  1. BusyBee Targeted

    Lawyers will frown upon you for your drug use – BUT – you ARE entitled to get a free lawyer, so I don’t know why you aren’t going that route??

  2. brian

    Instead of downing this person because they haven’t gotten a free lawyer is just (bleep) heartless. This woman lost her 3 kids you heartless (bleep). Grow a soul b4 u come in here talking your punk (bleep bleep).

  3. Kidjacked Editor

    Language folks. Let’s keep it clean — this is a family friendly site. Grandma always said, “those that swear do so, due to a lack of vocabulary. Visit to learn a few new words. πŸ™‚

  4. Kidjacked Editor

    Most states provide a legal department that provides free assistance. A-S-K — You must ask for help. It’s available to you but a court appointed attorney will often do more harm than good. Sometimes, people get lucky — especially if they are especially busy and pull in outside law firms to assist them. But generally speaking, you are better off with an advocate, as opposed to a court appointed attorney.

    I list as many resources as I can find on the website. So, please if you get a really good referal or find some wonderful help there, do let me know so that I can share the information.

    Best of luck to you. In all the heartbreak, ask everyone to pray for your daughters. You can never be there 100% of the time to protect them, but I know someone who can. πŸ™‚

    May the Lord pour His blessings out upon your family.


  5. patty phillips

    How can I find out about an advocate instead of court appointed attorney? Friend in Kentucky jail, awaiting trial, they want him to plea but he won’t cause he’s innocent. Involves his little girl. Any help appreciated.

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