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Family Stuck In Limbo

Peggy writes in about her families struggle to obtain reunification services:

Our county CPS, claims they want to reunite the family but the case worker seems to want to keep us apart. We have complied with everything they wanted us to do and they still keep our girls from us.

Now they have sent our youngest to be diagnosed, they sent our oldest to an behavorial academy. Now we feel they are going to send our youngest. It is just like a prison. We need help but have nothing left.

My husbands place of employment is over in a week, he had an offer to transfer but had to turn it down because of CPS. We can’t just run out on our children.

My youngest is so hard that she is keeping it all bottle in and acting out to keep from feeling the hurt. They won’t even get her help so she can talk about it.

Please help us some way.

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