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Against the Odds

My daughter has been in the custody of the state (Indiana) for about 4 weeks and my story is one that I have yet to see. My daughter and I have had some serious issues for about a year and a half. Forgive me if my spelling is a little off, I’ve been awake for most of the night worrying. I’ve raised my daughter (and two older kids) by myself for the last seven years.

I am on disability due to degenerative back disease, fibromyalgia, several autoimmune disorders and so on. Needless to say, it is painful. I take medication prescribed by my doctor, which means that I do no get high or silly. It’s like any other medication – the side effects go away.

I had worked my way up to a financial controller position prior to becoming ill. I have been a good mother; there is no one that could love my children more.

My youngest has been acting up for about a year and a half. I found drugs on her about a month ago, which is when everything blew up. I called her father who had rarely been in her life, because she became physical with me.

He took her to his house. I begged, my mother to allow him to keep her until I could get insurance (which he was court ordered to pay) and counseling set up. It had reached the point of no control.

Well, he brought her back two days later, I was panicking trying to get everything done and it didn’t happen fast enough. She snuck out of the house one night and I couldn’t find her. I called her father again, big mistake, he called the police and they told him to call CPS. Well, he told them about my illness, etc., and then they showed up at my door.

Not understanding, I let them in. They took her that day and now she is being told that she will be living with her father since he’s married, etc. This is a man I would call on her birthdays to remind him and he still wouldn’t call.

I’m finding that they believe that I have a drug problem. I don’t other than I hurt. I’ve taken my medicine as prescribed. It doesn’t affect my judgment. Believe me, I am not an addict nor do I try to get high. It’s the same as someone taking a heart pill.

Meanwhile, my daughter who has never been in trouble with the law is living in a state residential program. She cries to me every night wanting to come home. My heart is torn so badly.

My doctor is going to get the foundation for pain’s lawyer involved.

I just want my daughter home, receiving family counseling. Have you heard of this happening before?

My lawyer is even treating me different since she heard from CPS. I’m looking forward to at least four more wonderful years with my daughter and I’m afraid that time will be stolen from me. I would give the medicine up in a heartbeat, if I would be able to get out of bed without it.

Do you have any advice? Anyone that talks to me can tell that I’m not “out of it” or anything like that.



I am trying to get my fourteen-year-old daughter out of residential treatment care. There are daily fights and I fear for my daughters health and safety.

She was getting out of control and needed a wake up call but she’s had more than that. I am an intractable pain patient and take prescriptions accurately. Nothing about this was brought up in the first hearing but I guess nothing else was found. When medication is taken daily, you don’t get out of it or high.

Our case plan was suppose to be today at 8:30 p.m. They held it this morning and only my daughter was there. She was told that I was a drug addict and that what I was taking would kill me. She called crying and worrying. She said they were saying terrible things about me.

A drug addict takes drugs to get high and my daughter has never seen me high. I take them so I can get out of bed in the morning. Has anyone else had this issue? My case plan involves rehab. I could get off the meds but then wouldn’t be able to take care of my daughter because I couldn’t get out of bed. I have raised two children and this is my first involvement with CPS. My ex called them because I was trying to get help so I could get her into counseling.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

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