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Abusing the Abused

I’m a mother who lost her children due to domestic abuse. I didn’t know it was going to happen, but it was my fault anyways according to D.H.S.

They made me sign over my parental rights of my 2 children who were 2 and 5 at the time or they would take my 7 year old and any other children I would have in the future.

I’m a good mom. I never hurt my children and they also noted that in their report. They say I put them in harms way, there for I was accused of neglect, because my ex-husband beat me one day.

What confuses me is why am I good enough for my other child though? There is a lot of stuff that D.H.S. did wrong but I couldn’t afford to hire anyone to help me.

They stole my children and I can’t seem to move on. Neither can my son and I can only imagine what my two little children must think and feel.

I’m writing to tell my story, however I can’t write it all cause there is too much to tell. I’d also like to talk to other families and maybe if it isn’t to late find a way to get my family back.


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