Break the Silence

I have just filed my fifth appeal for denial of my due process rights.

Finally there is a hearing on my fourth appeal on September 12, 2006 in San Jose. Of course, nobody in their right mind would ever step foot in California (well, just look what happened to Julie Torell! – CPS and cops stormed their hotel room and took her three other kids!), so I requested a telephone hearing which is my right.

Guess what? Now they tell me that in order for me to participate by telephone I cannot say anything – only listen – at My own hearing!

Further, they said I needed to give them my credit card number because they are going to charge me. Huh? What kind of phone system do they have? Up here in Canada we have digital phone where we can call anywhere in North America for FREE.

Who would trust those criminals with a credit card number? That would be worse than giving it to a telemarketer on the phone!

Diane Booth
Free Vincent Booth

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