Are You Jacked Up?

If you are jacked up about the injustice taking place in family courts, having a price placed on the head of your child by our federal government and the ease in which others can drop a dime and anonymously eviscerate a family, you are not alone.

We have a right to be up in arms. We have a duty to protect our children from the “protection” industry. The same industry who has pitted mothers against fathers in a fight for control over the children, who’s lives are often ripped apart by those who care little about their emotional, physical or spiritual well being.

I’ve been sick for the past week but as soon as I’m feeling better and I’m finished fine-tuning this new website and blog, off come the gloves. We are going to make a lot of noise and stir things up in Washington.

We must go to the source in order to fix this broken system of family terror. The Mondale Act was just the beginning. Many other legislative changes affecting mostly funding must be either repealed or amended in order to turn back the clock and put an end to the suffering of so many.

Please post your comments, suggestions and inquiries here. Together we will fight and win justice for all. Get Jacked Up!

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