CPS, DCFS, DHS Racial Profiling Breaking up Minority Families

20 01 2011

It’s devastating how one person can destroy a loving home and put a whole army against you. I was living in a 90% white neighborhood in the midwest we moved there when I was 16 to take care of my sick grandmother who passed away in 09, I got married at 18 to an Italian from Italy, we lived in a small town where interracial couples were not accepted let alone african americans, I’ve been called the “N” word just walking down the street to the store, I was denied a library card to the local library until I mapped out where lived, to make sure I lived on street that paid “taxes” My husband looked very ethnic in this fairskinned community with blonde hair and blue he stuck out like a sore thumb he’s been stopped a few times by the cops questioned by neighbors if he’s and illegal immigrant. Together we’ve been asked rude questions of “How did we meet?”
It was January of 2009 that I found out I was pregnant…I was treated badly through my entire pregnancy by medical staff didn’t meet my doctor until I was in my 2nd trimester and he was very mean and abrupt, he could’ve injured my baby when he abruptly grabbed my stomach and I screamed in excruciating pain. So after that I wanted a new doctor, then my insurance was cut in the middle of my pregnancy.

No doctor wanted to see me without insurance and unfortunately I was so far along no one wanted to take me as a new patient but then by the Grace Of God I found one my 2 weeks of pregnancy. I went in labor at 39 weeks at a hospital I never seen before that was almost an hour away, I was judged and mistreated by student doctors and  I was told to go home I’m not in labor then they realized I was really in labor and they said I can stay I was in a triage room of 3 women in labor and then I was moved to the labor and delivery room, I had an epidural at 9 centimeters dialated because the anesthesiologist was in the other room with another patient. Shortly after that I had my baby at 6lbs 7oz I was barely shown how to breast feed and I thought the room I had the baby in was the room I would stay in.  They made me get up and walk after an epidural I could barely feel my legs the nurse did escort me the wheel chair should have been waiting by the bed. it was outside the door. I was then wheeled into another room to share with another patient. I got no sleep at all her family was loud this was supposed to be our first baby and my husband was not allowed to stay overnight but hers seemed to have stayed over night. Later the next day that patient left and another one was brought in her business was exposed she had group B strep and we had to share a bathroom after just having babies. I had to hear this sad story about her baby being taken away, by dcfs, and hear the social worker on the other side of the room and her crying.

My whole stay was depressing. When my baby was brought home, I was breastfeeding on demand and notice she was still remaining the same size, I took her to her pediatrician and asked him if this was normal and he said yes and she’s fine and pointed out an infant percentile chart. So I continued breastfeeding she would spit up often until one day I got very sick  when my baby was about 4 weeks old, and I was never told that it’s ok to still breastfeed when you’re sick I was taking nyquil so my husband went out and bought baby formula by the name of Goodstart By Gerber I was feeding her every 2 hours  2-4 oz and it took her some getting used to she would drink it slow  and the spitting up became more and more so when I got better I went  back to breastfeeding and continued giving her formula and at around 6 weeks still the same size. So a friend recommended I add a little rice cereal to her feedings, So my husband went out an bought rice cereal and gave it to her.

Then one night I gave her bath dried her off swaddled her ,fed her burped her and put her in her bassinet and we all went to sleep, I was deliriously tired morning rose and I was still sleeping the baby was awake crying and i opened one eye and saw her in her bouncer. Next to the bed and realized my husband was awake and in the living room and she was crying in the room with me I eventually woke up to pick her up after she had got quiet and then realized something was wrong, she appeared very pale, and thin , her eyes weren’t focusing and her breathing was slow. So I rushed and called 911 and that’s when all hell broke loose, the paramedic took about a whole hour to arrive when I they’re right down the street. Then I held her in the truck and I was told to hold the breathing tube to her nose and then out of no where this tall 5″7 blonde midlength hair woman said “I’m calling DCFS” at the time everything was moving so fast I didn’t realize what she did. I was too busy worried about my daughter. All I heard was African American female mother of child, child appears to have been starved and neglected and I believe she stated her name and it began with a “T”.

Truck finally started moving and she was taken to the local area hospital which they knew it wasn’t equipped for a baby that small. They got her to the hospital and kicked me out the room and then they let me back in and they said “see what you did” and she was hooked up to all these wires and had giant tubes in her mouth they had her under the lights and were trying to get her skin back to her healthy color, then they realized she wasn’t turning the color they expecting somewhere between my color or possibly browner. I was asked to “Do you know who your babies father is? And if so is he white or black? Now the Paramedics had seen my husband but they thought he was just some neighbor. I said, he’s white. Then they went back in the room and shut me out and they began talking and someone came out and told me, they were air lifting her the other hospital.

They tried to set it up so that I would leave the hospital and she was still at the local one, They told me I should just leave because in the helicopter she would be at the hospital before me anyway, but I wanted to actually see that she was put inside the helicopter and watch it take off before. I went off anywhere, might I mention my mother and brother met me at the hospital and we drove to the other hospital 45 mins away with an actual PICU and when we arrived the doctor spoke with me asked me questioned and then there was dcfs on the phone, and the doctor was calmly speaking to them updating them on what was going on. Then got of the phone and said to me…”We’re running test right now and the paramedic who called it wasn’t her job to call DCFS” Later that day I was hit with child abuse and neglect papers to add insult to injury. And a whole bunch of accusations were being thrown at me by the hospital that I starved me baby, and that I rolled over on my baby, and I neglected her.
Later that week she was in the hospital she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and reflux but at the other hospital they misdiagnosed her with failure to thrive, and just from that alone, I was being investigated  they sent her home 3 weeks later with a nurse who would come out to the house and do weight checks they wrote her an rx for synthroid and the insurance and pharmacy did nothing but jeapordize my daughters health they never sent out a card and one  pharmacy lied and said they had it and it would be ready by 3pm and my husband went down to go get it and they told him they didn’t have it. It took 5 pharmacies and then when one finally had it they said they could only give her 3 pills until we have her medical card to show for it. I had been calling about this card for weeks they said at the hospital it would be there in a few days. Never happened…So nurse shows up. he asked did I take her to see a pediatrician? I said no I’m trying to find a new because  I found him to be incompetent  and didn’t want to take her back after all that happened so he pressured me to find her a pediatrician in a week, and none were accepting new patients and the one that did were way out and unfortunately we did not have a car, not because we couldn’t afford one but because a tree fell on it so transportation was limited.

So what did I do…I had a relative in my home state with an awesome medical system I applied for the state medical insurance online and found her a pediatrician before I got their had an appointment, packed the whole house and we jumped on the train and made a run for it before the nurse came back. We arrived on a saturday and her appointment was monday and her pediatrician saw her without a medical card and ordered test and did everything very well updated the nurse in the state that I left that she’s being treated here. But now I’m still dealing with this DCFS case and CYS case in two states under investigation because DCFS didn’t want to send or sign a paper so they called the branch here and they’re still keeping the case open over there. Here at first they said neglect but they see that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, and will soon be closing the case. But Over in IL they are keeping it open and never sent out a paper for me to appeal the decision of abuse and neglect even though they have my address and location so now they’re putting me on a list for Child Abuse and Neglect. I will never be respected I’m just 19 years old I’m very responsible family oriented and a caring person.

But when I go to apply the job I’ve always wanted to do after I finish school to become a nurse they will see my name and then Child Abuse and Neglect in the national database. All starting from one false accusation. Thanks to her I lost my home my plan was to return back to my apartment after she was done with treatment there. My baby had her own room a pink nursery a crib 3  bassinets and it was all destroyed. I had my rent paid already and the Management company saw that I was not there and thought I moved then evicted me because my mother was house sitting while I was away and I was accused of her living with me and that I had moved. So it’s all really devastating my family doesn’t deserve this and anyone going through the same thing doesn’t either. DCFS, CPS, CYS, DHS in the end they destroy happy families and it’s always too late when someone really being abused and neglected often times in foster homes that they placed kids from privileged happy homes in.