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    In reply to: kathleen brown posted an update A friend of mine who is in a wheel chair just had CPS show up at her house, she tried to stand her ground and tell the woman that she didn’t need to enter the house that she could […] View

    W.T.F. Just ridiculous.

  • Had our Home Study today and the person conducting the interview said that she was going to recommend my daughter be placed here with me. Now we’ll just have to see how California wants to play with that. At this point though, once Texas approves it, it California continues to play their red tape BS, things will have to proceed to criminal court…[Read more]

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    In reply to: kathleen brown posted an update We went to court on Feb. 4th where my 14 year old made it very clear that she wanted to live with her biological father in Texas. The court approved the process to make this a […] View

    More than a month later and California FINALLY got the necessary paperwork to Texas. It has taken Texas 9 days for the ICPC coordinator to get the paperwork out to the proper people and I have my home study on Friday March 18th. Texas has been much more on the ball and have returned every one of my phone calls. Yet California still needs to be…[Read more]

  • After almost 6 weeks I have received the detainment order for my daughter. Went through it with a fine tooth comb. Don’t know where the case worker gets off stating first that I have never provided a home or provisions for my daughter, then later states that the mother lived with me sporadically off and on during her pregnancy and after our…[Read more]

  • Seriously, how long does it really take to get court minutes stamped so they can be included with an ICPC? It’s been 2 weeks.

  • It seems to be California as a whole. Even the members of CPS I have spoken with here in Texas are disgusted.

  • Yesterday my ex was told by the caseworker that I am in no position to take care of a teenage girl that I do not know. REALLY? Tell that to my other 15 year old daughter who spends summers with me. The caseworker is in no position to continue to pass judgment on me when she has never talked to me.

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