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    Dcfs hounded me with last child . legal fees. dad DCFS on me to get custody my daughter who is 15 now I have seen her in a year. she sick child with asthma and bee sting allergy.

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  • I want to end my life. I cant take being without my kids. my Alzheimer’s is getting worse as a result of the stress and depression. I really need to find an attorney that can help me. I am running out of hope.

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    my story is 3 years of hell and in the end we still lost our kids. the whole thing would take forever to explain everything that happened. but cps lied, cheated and flat out sinned to get their way. I am disabled and have health issues which they used against me. I need to find an attorney that will do a adoption reversal for us. in the mean time…[Read more]

  • My health is getting worse due to our kids being wrongfully taken from us. I have no one to talk to that can offer me any help on what to do. I feel like since i might pass on before i am able to ever get the adoption reversed, i might as well just end my life. I cant take much more.

  • I really need help finding an attny that will help me do a reversal of adoption so we can get our kids back. The depression is accelerating my declining health condition.

  • @mictech26101 They did not get it court ordered three days after they had my children in there care. there is a whole mess of stuff going on. Cps gave Layne to Ray the one that did seven years of DV on me. they got the Judge to over turn the order of protection on Layne. so Layne when to live with his father in September of last year. I got to…[Read more]

  • So CPS here in Kansas has placed my grand daughter in a mental hospital to evaluate her for schizophrenia. We already knew she has depression and social anxiety. now her and her mother have a new diagnose…PTSD imagine that…Mom’s court appointed attorney is worthless and and won’t even talk to her. Jasper’s Attorney is basically the same way.…[Read more]

  • well they are starting day visits next week thank god. My boys will be home in June.

  • i am new to this site. any input would be appreciated. I am 43 years old and have a few different medical problems. Long story short, cps took our kids away from my husband and myself two years ago and put them in adopted them out to my aunt and uncle in laws. we have not been able to see or speak to them. as a result, my medical condition grows…[Read more]

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    I need help. I have done everything that was court order form CPS and I have done over what CPS asked out of me. I feel that i am not getting no where I want my boys home once and for all.

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  • My two boys have been in the system now for a year now. I have been fighting with CPS in New York ever since my boy was taken from me.I was living in Johnson City in 2013 because of my Ex. I was deal with DV from him. he dropped me off at his bother place in May of 2013. He know where I was at and he called me different time to pick fights with me…[Read more]

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