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    I am so sorry this is happening in your life. as you were saying in the first part of your story, “I asked for a Lawyer 6 times & was told NO” that in itself tells you “U R THE VICTIM” There is no help nor are […]

  • OMG r they really allowed to try and destroy families like this??? this caseworker is doing everything in her power to make sure we never see my frandchildren again. The children were at my nephews last Saturday then they spent the night and on Sunday morning the mother picked up the 2 older children at 9a to take them back to the crisis center…[Read more]

  • The caseworker called my daughter Friday night to tell her that the persons who have my grandson are not comfortable calling her not even from a blocked number so they’ll just send emails & pics!!! Since when can CPS take your baby and give him to someone and then tell u u can’t see him only get emails & pics. can anyone help me & tell me where to…[Read more]

  • In September 2012 my 4 grandchildren were removed from their mothers (my daughters) house and placed in the care of my other daughter by AZ CPS. the case worker offered no help for my daughter except an outpatient […]

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