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    “American taxpayers fund a racket that wrenches the stomach. That is CPS. Some of those involved claim their are just following orders, others just pocket the bounty on children wrenched from their parent’s arms. […]

  • If you dont like what is going on, or the public disagrees with it, the constitution and federal law allows you to form a miltia against the CPS if your state does not cooperate with you. This means you can go around and make friends with all the people who are bothered by CPS and […]

  • denwhi commented on the post, Why CPS exists!, on the site My.Kidjacked.com 8 years, 12 months ago

    Child Protective Services are liars and baby stealers. They make big bucks from doing this. They work with lawyers, judges, schools, and other professionals in order to keep children from their LOVING parents and homes. They are literally the devils’ advocates. Why do you think you see all of the real abused children slipping through […]

  • ThumbnailDear Kidjacked, I have been a child advocate here in Arizona for 35 years. Throughout that time Child Protective Services has consistently taken children without cause or proof in some cases. Then in other cases they leave children in dysfunctional situations until they are dead.   The last few years it has gotten worse and worse. […]

  • Imagine this scenario: You are kicking back in your living room watching the tube when the local police department busts in and arrests you on drug charges. Now, you know that you are perfectly innocent because you don’t use any of that stuff, yet you find yourself standing before his honor the judge anyway. The […]