DCFS a Lifetime of unspeakable hardship

January 13th, 2010

I can only talk about these events now that almost of the people who caused this hardship and deception are now deceased. This story still still brings tears to my eyes. My brother Sean died in 1984. Sean was 17 in a car accident.

Since he is no longer with us I am here the only remaining member of my family to speak of the DCFS horror. I am here simply to tell our story.

In 1971, I was a 7 year old child. Sean my little brother was 5. We lived in Cannon Falls Minnesota. I went to Cannon Falls Elementary school. My teachers name was Mrs. Finnerty she was my second grade teacher. Mrs. Finnerty did not like me. She asked me to erase the chalk board. I told her no. She asked again. I told her no.

Standing in line with at least 10 children she came up to me raised her hand and slapped me across the face untill my cheek was red and I cried my eyes out. The teacher hauled me to the office saying I was the problem.

The office started to question me about my home life. The neighbors knew my mother had a mental illness and was watching me and my brother daily. The school made it look like my family was the problem. An investigation went on to my home. The state workers claimed we had no food in our home.

Me and my brother Sean were ordered to remain after school. Me and Sean shook with fright. I looked out the classroom window and told the teacher that my mom and dad wanted me home before dark. The Cannon Falls Elementary staff stood vigilant watching me and Sean so we would not try to escape. We remained in the room crying wanting to go home.

A Minnesota state employee came into the classroom and instucted the teacher to lead us to her car. Me and Sean put on our coats and were led out to the car outside the building. The state worker pulled me and Sean into her car. The car pulled away silently along with the school staff member. The staff member started waving goodbye.

Sean looked at me with sad tear filled eyes, and said. “Robin where are we going?” I told Sean. “Sean I don’t know.” The car drove across dark roads. I was sitting in the front seat and cound not recognize any road we were on. Sean remained in the back seat silent and crying.

After driving down country roads the car came to an abrupt stop. Looking outside I could see a ranch style white house. A middle aged woman approached the car. The woman from the house talked to the state worker briefly and then led us into her home. Once me and Sean were inside the home I noticed the child sitting in the livingroom was a girl that attended my 2nd grade class. She was the girl with the brown curly hair. The house was warm.

Several weeks went by and the house was a little cold. Me and Sean attended our classes even though our grades were slipping. I cannot remember much of this time period except the foster mother would get up at 5 am and curl her daughters hair. I repeatedly asked the mother to curl my hair but she ignored my requests. I thought she was a cold person.

After a while me and Sean were brought to another foster home. This foster home was on a farm. We stayed with some farmers this time. These foster parents were kinder. I remember having some fun at this foster home. I would stand by my foster mother’s front door crying for my family. The longing for my mother and father was a heart breaking tramatic memory I have even to this day.

Finally after about 18 months me and Sean were brought to the Cannon Falls State Courtroom. Me and Sean were sitting in a courtroom. Richard and my mother were sitting a distance away from us. I could see their lawyer talking to the judge. I saw the prosecuting attorney arguing. Then the state worker drove us back to our foster home.

We were told we were being returned to our parents after 2 long years. My memory is blank after this but I have memories of living with my parents again. We always feared DCFS. We finally moved to Illinois to escape the nightmare.

A man by the name of Doctor Mueller told my dad that their was something wrong with Sean. I remember my father being furious with the doctor. Richard told us there was nothing wrong with Sean. Sean started sucking his thumb and wetting the bed almost until he was 13 years old.

Later my brother portrayed reckless behavior. Sean swam in the Cannon River and almost drowned. The police were even searching for my brother in the river. Another time my brother rode his bike and got knocked out unconscious. Some neighbor called an abulance before my mother could come and see what happened. My mother got a ride to the hospital.

Later in years my brother started to smoke pot and drink. Sean went to a party and was brutally beaten and hospitalized for 2 months. 3 months after he was released from the hospital he died in a car accident. My mother and Stepfather died in 2001 from heart failure.

I believe all of their deaths were premature due to DCFS. I only pray that all the people who cause this horror will be punished when they reach their Judgement. Because eventually we all will be judged by God.

DCFS A Living Nightmare

December 9th, 2008

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