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Failure To Thrive

October 11, 2011 in CPS, drugs, False Allegations, medication

Child protection agencies (CPS), will often charge parents with “failure to thrive.” I’ve personally been involved with a couple of local cases – one case the child actually had a genetic predisposition toward low-weight gain.

The Marketing of Madness: Are we all insane?I’ve spent the entire day watching and re-watching a documentary called The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?. I’ve discovered something that might be helpful to parents who are, or have been charged with failure to thrive in their infant.

According to The Marketing of Madness: Are we all insane?, infants of mothers who were prescribed certain anti-depressants or psychotropic drugs during pregnancy, can experience withdrawal symptoms after birth. One of the side-effects of withdrawal is weigh loss and could mistakenly be misdiagnosed in infants as failure to thrive.

Parents fighting charges of failure to thrive, could be dealing with an infant suffering through withdrawal of these dangerous drugs, if the mother was being treated during pregnancy. Signs of withdrawal include:

  • irritability
  • hyperactivity
  • abnormal sleep patterns
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • failure to gain weight

Be sure to obtain documentation from your physician and hire an expert, if you can afford one. Be sure to save a copy of this documentation for your attorney to use in your defense at court.

Marketing of Madness Official Trailer

Watch the full-length documentary online for FREE!
The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?

Another Legal Kidnapping

December 20, 2009 in foster care

My name is Tammy. I am writing about an emotional horror story that is happening to my family at this very moment. Since this story begins over a year ago, I will try to edit and keep it as short as possible but I will need to add detail so this case can be understood and investigated with some intimate knowledge.

My family has been victimized by an agency in Wood County Texas that we were led to believe was in place to help us. I am not using these words for dramatic effect, if you knew me you would know how much I detest drama and I am very happy living a life with no spotlight on me what-so-ever.

Drug Addiction

My sister is Terri. She is sadly a drug addict, more specifically, a crack addict. My sister had two babies, 9 months apart beginning 5 years ago. She was a good mother at first. My mother and I were proud that she had done so well. Terri had a very volatile relationship with the father of her two children, but my mother was there to support her emotionally and financially while the children, Kaden, Kaitlyn and Mitchell were infants.

Another Legal Kidnapping

My sister met a new man, Michael, and they began living together, since neither had jobs; they mainly lived off the system. In the meantime my mother kept the babies with her. They were safe and very happy. Terri and Michael began to run out of resources and relied on my mother for assistance more and more. My mother even moved from her small apartment into a very nice, roomy house in Quitman, Texas so that the whole family could be accommodated.

It was not long after that that my sister started to show signs of drug use. My mother was the first to suspect. Terri became emotionally unstable, threw fits, and even became enraged towards my mother and step father. My mother was at her mercy at this time because if my mother asked Terri to leave, my sister would threaten to take the children with her. My mother knew that this would be a bad situation to place two toddlers in.

My mother tried to ignore the situation but it kept escalating. My mother believed my sister and her boyfriend were now taking Kaden and Kaitlyn along with them to buy drugs. It was only a suspicion but every day heightened my mother’s fear.

My mother finally became so terrified for the safety of Kaden and Kaitlyn she turned to the only agency she felt could offer help. My mother reluctantly called Wood County CPS. CPS workers acted quickly and drug tested my sister. The children were removed from my sister immediately. This is where my family became the victims of a legalized kidnapping.

Another Legal Kidnapping

First Choice, Foster Care

My niece and nephew were placed with a foster family. My mother begged and pleaded for these children to be returned to her until my sister received help. My mother was turned away every time. My sister and her boyfriend had become quite adept at manipulating the social services system to get by and make a living and they used those skills to manipulate CPS investigators and tell calculated and believable lies about my mother. My mother hired a lawyer, which further infuriated the social workers in charge of my niece and nephew’s case.

The lawyer did little for my mother except quickly empty her savings account. The lawyer did however; get my mother a home study that had been denied many times by CPS. The home study investigator spoke to my mother and step father and decided my mother had anger problems, and my 71 year old step father had dementia because he has a speech problem.

I have asked to see the home study investigator’s medical license to see if she is able to diagnose psychological or medical problems but my requests have been ignored. My mother has raised three children and never raised a hand or even her voice at any of us. What anger problems could she possibly have?

Family History

I am the first of three children, I hold a B.S. in Education from Stephen F Austin. My sister is the second child she raised. Terri was a good girl when she was younger but craved attention from men who often ended up abusing her. The third child my mother raised is Kasi. Terri had Kasi at the age of 15. My sister gave her to my mother to raise and Kasi is now a Junior at UT of Austin majoring in Anthropology.

My mother should be able to have the chance to raise Kaden and Kaitlyn also, but CPS, Patricia Skelton (Supervisor) in particular, has developed an unprofessional dislike for my mother because she will not quietly let her grand children fade into the lost children of the Texas Foster Care System.

Small Children Separated

My niece and nephew were placed into two different foster homes within a couple of months. Can you imagine how this could traumatize a four and five year old? My sister finally convinced the Social Worker Lynn Vinson, to allow the children to move to Fort Worth with her boyfriend’s sister Missy Anderson. Ms. Anderson was never drug tested.

They stayed with Ms. Anderson for several months until Ms. Anderson began complaining to Terri that the children were burdens. My sister finally softened towards me and asked CPS to let them live with me. The children came to me right before Christmas 2008. My mother and I were overjoyed. I live in Fort Worth and my mother had recently moved to Paris, Texas. We were so excited the first month that we traveled back and forth many times to enjoy the children together.

Social Worker Recommendation

The social worker Lynn Vinson called to tell me that Terri had passed all her last drug tests and complied with the courts in every way, going to N/A classes, parenting classes and had even moved into a very nice apartment in Fort Worth. Ms. Vinson told me that Terri was a co-conservator with me, and if I felt comfortable, I could allow the children to go and spend time there unsupervised.

Advice from a CPS professional like Ms. Vinson was all I had to rely on. I am not a drug user so I had no way to judge whether my sister was still taking drugs or not. Ms. Vinson said she had passed previous drug test and I was glad this broken family was finally being put back together.

The children wanted to be with my mother badly. They love me as their aunt but think of their grandmother as their mother. They asked daily about returning to grandma, "When can we go home?" I let them go to my mother to live for the sake of their happiness. My mother had them calm and happy and even enrolled them in a private Christian School in Paris that they excelled in. Finally, our family could be happy again.

I brought my niece and nephew to stay a week with me at the end of February. My sister came by to visit and told me she was moving back to Quitman. Terri seemed fine that night, except she was a little stressed due to the moving process. Terri asked if she could take Kaden and Kaitlyn with her so they could choose the toys they wanted to take. Terri said after they chose their toys she would drop them back off in Paris at my mother’s house so they could return to school. I agreed to this trip. I relive that night over and over in my dreams; it was a horrible mistake on my part.

The Nightmare Continues

My sister was arrested in Quitman, Texas that night with Kaden and Kaitlyn in the car. I hear that Kaden actually told the police officer that a pipe was in his mother’s purse.

From this day forth my mother and I have lived a nightmare. We were torn to shreds by the Wood County CPS. My mother picked the children up from Quitman the night my sister was arrested. My mother was allowed to keep the children one month. During this month a CPS worker from Paris came and took hair samples from Kaden and Kaitlyn, one or both of the children tested positive for cocaine.

We have not been allowed to see the drug test so we are not sure if the drugs had been ingested from my sister or the foster home of Ms. Anderson that CPS sent the children to. My mother, my sister, and I went to court on April 14, 2009. My family and I were shredded in court.

I was called to testify and was told I should have known my sister was a drug addict. I tried to make the court understand that I was told by a professional social worker that she felt my sister was doing well and recovered, but I was cut off every time I tried to speak. My mother was next to testify in court. She was asked why she had walked out of a psychological testing session.

My mother was too ashamed to tell them that she had a fifth grade education and can barely read or write. She told them she felt she was being tested unfairly but the CPS lawyer told her that my mother had wasted the state’s money by walking out. I lost my conservatorship and the children were taken into CPS custody even before we made it back to Paris. A nice officer brought the children by my mother’s house so she could say goodbye; A kindness that I will never forget. My mother and I have not seen or heard from my niece and nephew since that day. We have been told that we cannot see them and this is torture.

Wood County Case Review Needed

I am asking for a review of this case and for my mother to be reconsidered as the children’s caregiver. The supervisor’s of Wood County CPS are not returning our calls or my emails. We need help before these children are traumatized further.

At the family planning meeting held on Friday May 8, 2009, my mother and sister attended and were told my niece and nephew are now on a strong antidepressant so they will sleep at night. I researched this medication and it has been found unsafe for children. I fear for the safety of these children.

Supervisor Patricia Skelton told my unstable sister that if both parents are deceased (by the way the children’s natural father is deceased) and if Terri becomes deceased the children will automatically go to family members. My sister may take this as a recommendation or a way to save her children and not just a statement. So now I worry daily that my sister may think of suicide as a way to get her children home.

I have written to the state office of DFPS and asked for an Administrative Review Hearing. These children have been legally kidnapped. The Wood County CPS office should make it a priority to find these children a home with family members. They are beginning to nitpick on any family member we suggest because they have developed a personal dislike for this family. I cannot stress enough the emotional toll this is having on all of us.

I feel that Wood County CPS has over stepped its bounds and even ignored Judge Virginia Schnarr’s orders. The Judge said that my mother’s brother Ricky Couch should receive a home study and if this was unfeasible then, my mother may be considered for a new home study, if that did not pan out then I would be reconsidered if I took classes on how to deal with a family member addicted to drugs.

CPS Ignores Court Order

However, when I contact CPS to discuss any of these mandates from the judge they act as if they do not apply. CPS has said my Aunt’s home study will not work because she does not understand the abuse the children endured. They are refusing to give my mother another home study even though the first one was conducted by an investigator that thought she was a psychologist or a medical doctor.

They are refusing me as caregiver because I listened to their Case Worker Lynn Vinson when she told me my sister was doing well and passing drug test. Patricia Skelton has said that I put the children in harm’s way but refused to discuss her office telling me that the children being with Terri was fine.

I am a regular person. I do not know how to maneuver through this complicated system. I cannot afford a lawyer. All I can do is write letters and spend many sleepless nights trying to think of the next authority I can contact that will look at this case with an unbiased eye and return Kaden and Kaitlyn to my mother’s arms.

I will never give up and I will keep telling this story until one person can see that this family has been victimized by a system that is very similar to the T.V. show from the seventies "The Duke’s of Hazzard" where Ms. Patricia Skelton is playing the role of Boss Hogg and ignoring rules and regulations from all authorities. I hope you pass this along to someone that can help but if you can’t, I understand. I will not give up until we can hold our babies again. These are not "throw away children". They belong at home with their family.

Thank you for your time,

903-669-3482 (Dorothy Matheny Home)

Congressional Hearing Needed

August 20, 2009 in Arizona, child abuse, Child Protective Services, CPS, neglect

Mesa, Arizona — A 6-year-old little boy was taken from his home by CPS caseworkers, while he was being watched and supervised by his grandfather, a retired LTC USA. His mother had raised him for 6-years, alone as a single mother. False allegations were made to Child Protective Services, by his unwed, absentee, father so, CPS classified it as a dependency case, now the child has became a ward of the state.

This child was never abused in any way; he was a perfect example of a child that was very loved and cared for by his mother. Once they take your child, it is pretty much over. They require you to go to their doctors and programs for months spanning into years.

The mother only sees her child 4-hours a week, even though the Foster Care Review Board says the child should see the mother more often. CPS ignores any requests. There is no accountability and the time ticks away.

My Child Lives in Fear!

Now this perfectly good little boy is going to counseling. They are using tax dollars sending both the mother and the son to counseling sessions with different psychologists, when if they would have just left the child in his home, he would have been just fine. There is nothing to do. This organization acts as if they are God.

In all of my life I have never seen such a travesty and I truly think that CPS in Mesa, Arizona should be looked at for taking little children from their home that never should have been taken from their home. It is kidjacking and this organization should be stopped. They are making huge mistakes and no one does a darn thing about it.

This child was taken by the CPS on July 25, 2008 and has been kept from his friends and his mother for over 8-months now and it will be a year before this is over if then. Someone has to do something about the Mesa CPS department. It is most horrible to see this child repeatedly cry for his mother.

Court Date: August 20, 2009

It is over in the Juvenile Court. This beautiful little child is being flown out to Utah from Arizona to a father who failed to parent him and has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. The court has removed him from a mother who never endangered him or neglected him, and was proven innocent in the court of those charges, yet CPS (Julie Weeks and Deborah Van Der Water) tried to prove for over a year that the child’s mother had a substance abuse problem.

When that did not work so they went the route of mentally ill and unfit and forced her to take medications in the hope she would get her child back. She did everything she knew how to do. CPS swept under the table the years of documentation of learning disabilities and discriminated against her and judged her because she does do things a little differently than the norm. However, she never abused her kids, not once and even in court it was said she was an excellent mother.

After 6-hours in the juvenile court the judge said the child will be going to the unwed dad in Utah, that failed in all of those 7-years to even call or send him a birthday card. This is a darn travesty like I never have seen. CPS of Mesa Arizona needs a congressional investigation and I hope advocates demand one immediately.

Child Protective Services are kidjacking innocent little children out of the arms of their mothers, who have been there for them and now have ruined two more lives; the mother who has an empty bed for her little boy, who will never come home; and a child who can’t understand why he can’t simply come home. He has no idea how to deal with that kind of pain.



Get Nate Home

March 21, 2008 in California, drugs

Get Nate Home

My name is Rufina Shteynberg and I am a member of a group who is trying to help Nate Tseglin and his family. Nate has a Aspersers syndrome (mild form of autism) and has been handcuffed and removed from the loving and caring home of Riva and Ilya in Irvine, CA.

He has been placed in the ill reputed Fairview Development Center, a mental institution and being drugged with psychotropic drugs against his and his parent will. Because of this treatment he had suffered from epileptic seizures and had been admitted to emergency room (ER) numerous times and his health had deteriorated dramatically.

Dear Friends,

Please help us raise awareness to the tragedy of this family, publish an article about Nate on your site, look at for more details, then sign a petition to support Nate and his family.

Phone: (408) 807-4787

Drugs and CPS Research

May 15, 2007 in CPS

Survey Participants Needed

Parental Input Needed for Psychotropic medications and CPS/DCFS involvement

Are your children now or have they been placed on psychotropic drugs and been involved in a CPS/DCFS investigation? If you can answer yes, to both questions, Rhonda McEntire, needs your assistance.

Rhonda needs help:

I have been working on a degree for Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and now I’ve passed! It is time to do my research paper. My instructor was given a copy of my prospectus and she does not think I have access to parents who have children on psychotropic medications that will be willing to fill out a survey!

So, I am here to ask…Parents, caregivers, grandparents and foster parents… are you willing to complete a survey for me on psychotropic drugs and DCFS involvement?

Please if you are interested. I need to know right away how many people I can count on. And if you know anyone who is willing, I will snail mail them, or email them. I need as many people on board with this as I can get.

To participate in this important research project, contact: .

Thank you for your time and consideration!
Rhonda McEntire

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