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E.R. Staff Bullies Parents

June 13, 2011 in Arkansas, Child Protective Services, CPS, family rights, Louisiana

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Trying to be good parents in this day and age can be a real challenge. These parents were forced to subject their child to 7-hip X-rays within the span of just a couple of days, putting her at risk of radiation poisoning.  Then ACH social workers threaten the parents with removal, if they don’t put their child at further risk by having a possibly unneeded surgery.

“After complaining of hip pain and walking with a limp off and on for  three weeks, on 01 Jun 11, Briana was complaining of pain.   I (Brandi) made an appointment for the  following day (02 Jun 11) with Dr. Steven Venters in Farmerville, LA.  Dr. Venters examined Briana, concluding that  she maintained full flexion in her hip/leg area and also ordered x-rays to be  performed at Union General Hospital.  He  prescribed a high dose of Aleve for pain and possible inflammation.   At three or so in the afternoon on the 2nd  Briana had two x-rays and they were sent to Venters’ office.” ~ Paul Bumgardner  [Read more…]

Not only are these health-care workers bullies they show a total disregard for this child’s health and welfare. What gives these people the right to usurp a parents best judgement.

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