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TN: Marine Tells of CPS Lies!

December 23, 2013 in CPS

I am going out on a limb here and asking if your site has any recommendations. I have been a victim of the corrupt Child Protection Services out of Knoxville, TN.

We have a baby...for awhile at least

We have a baby…for awhile at least!

I am an Active Duty Marine and have fought diligently to remain a part of my son’s life despite being a state away. Over the past few monthly visits while my son is in my care, he had been repeatedly stating that he is being sexually and physically abused either by his mother or by someone who his mother knows.

I informed CPS in Knoxville about this and after conducting a 13 minute interview, they determined nothing was wrong and sent him home. Being a concerned parent and believing what my son said had merit, the last time he came to visit I informed my command and they got NCIS and CPS in the northern VA area involved which resulted in him being interviewed by a forensic team from Walter Reed Medical Facility in Bethesda, MD.

After an extensive interview, my son displayed what they called a personality shift and displayed knowledge of explicit sexual content, all stemming from what he experiences in his mother’s care. Of course the staff and myself were concerned and they advised that I take him to Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, where, after a short 20 minute evaluation, they admitted him into the psych ward (mind you, my son is only 5, so this, to them, was a big deal) stating he was suffering from severe trauma.

CPS and local law enforcement from northern VA and DC got with CPS in Knoxville and they were astonished and disgusted to see that he had been evaluated prior but for only 13 minutes, leaving little time for discoveries.

After being admitted for a few days, I was forced (due to a standing court order parenting plan from Blount County, TN) to return him to his mother’s care. CPS in Knoxville informed me that they wished for me to dropped him off into their custody for further evaluation (I believe they were upset that another state’s CPS was stating that there was indeed some sort of abuse going on in his mother’s home).

I did this even though my court order states I am to drop him off to his mother at a pre-designated place. I agreed, hoping that they would finally take into consideration what the other CPS offices had found. I dropped him off and, upon exiting the building, noticed that my son’s mother had already arrived but was parked behind the office with her vehicle slightly concealed. I drove my vehicle to the back of the parking lot and within 4 minutes, my son was being escorted out of the back of the building with his mother, in her custody.

Both women who were advising me that another interview was going to be conducted were there as well. I was extremely worried for the safety of my son and approached the women on foot with my cell phone’s camera recording the entire incident. I asked them if there indeed had been a follow-on interview because I believe 3-4 minutes was not sufficient time to conduct one.

They refused to answer any of my questions and instead called the Knoxville Police Department. Upon their arrival, I explained the situation to the police and they wrote down the report number but there were no citations written as there were no laws broken. The police and the CPS workers allowed my son to leave with the same woman who he alleged had been sexually abusing him!

I called CPS the following day and the CPS worker who had been involved with the exchange had stated that there was never to be a follow on investigating that they wanted to ensure the exchange of my son did not involve any violence from me. I do not have a record whatsoever of violence, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anything (again, I’ve been in the Marines for over 10 years with an exceptional record).

CPS took it upon themselves to involve them in this exchange, lying to me that an interview was to be conducted and then attempting to push him out the backdoor without my knowledge. They lied and manipulated me into going against court orders and my gut instinct as a parent and involved themselves in my exchange.

Furthermore, since the incident, I have had zero contact with my son or his mother due to a restraining order she has gotten and I just recently found out, through the courts in northern VA, that CPS in Knoxville has issued an ex parte no contact order against me toward my son! I have done nothing wrong and now it seems like CPS in Knoxville has a vendetta against me!

Is there any assistance or recommendations you might have that could help me fight back at the corrupt system that is CPS?  I have recorded phone call conversations, emails, and videos of the incident all saved and archived for review. I’m in the process of seeking legal help but all the lawyers in the east TN area do not want to take my case because “CPS is against me!”

I am at a loss and fear for me son’s safety! And now, amongst the holiday season, all my court order visitation has been stripped due to CPS’ involvement! Please help!

Respectfully sent,

Staff Sergeant, USMC
Central Command Branch
Corps Intelligence Activity

“They must find it difficult: those who have taken authority as truth rather than truth as authority.” – Gerald Massey

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Washington Rally

April 21, 2010 in Child Protective Services, Event, Washington D.C.

Nationwide Mother's Day Protest!

I come from a long line of military veterans. Each male member of my family has served in the military in one fashion or another. My father and husband both served in the Navy, my Uncle served as a Marine in South Korea.

Sadly, an entire generation of children is being stolen from their families. These children will grow up without knowing their heritage, their medical history or knowing any other hereditary factors that make them unique. We must speak out for our Stolen Generation.

You can be a part of the reform movement. Learn how…

Dear Mothers of Lost Children and Supporters,

There have been an extraordinary series of events to pave the way for our vigil at the White House on Mothers Day May 9, 2010! Visit Center for Judicial Excellence to learn more.

White House vigil:

For information on our Mothers’ Day silent vigil, go to Mothers of Lost Children. Another mothers march is planned for May 18-20, serendipitiously a week and a half after our event. You are invited to join the CV4JC Rally.

Meeting with the President:

Although we have not been successful yet in setting up a meeting with the President, we methodically fax him a request every month. Please feel free to email a request to meet with him and the First Lady. Send information on your case if you wish. You can ask for a Federal investigation into the profiteering, racketeering and trafficking of children by family courts.


Mary Richmond has arranged for a bus from Albany NY to Washington DC. Travel is at night so you won’t have to pay for hotels — a brilliant move. at: (518) 331-5090. The cost of the bus ticket is $60 round trip to DC. Send a check or money order to Albany Area NOW, PO Box 13773, Albany, NY 12212. Seating is limited so reserve and pay for your seat by May 1st.

The bus will leave Albany at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning May 9 (i.e., really late Saturday night) and arrive in DC at 9:00 a.m. You will board a 6 p.m. bus the same day for return to Albany. This bus will stop in New Jersey for anyone wants to join — Route NJ #95 at Vince Lombardi Rest Stop (Park and Ride) Ridgefield, New Jersey at approximately 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Nationwide Mother's Day Protest!

Get your Mother’s Day shirt now!


We will bring 50 white t-shirts with Mothers of Lost Children on the front in black letters, plus 25 t-shirts with Mothers of Lost Children Supporter. It would be good to wear white pants or white skirts if you wish. We’ll bring some white scarves in case we want to wear them. The Liberian women in “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” wore all white…it is a symbol of peace.

What to bring:

The Metro Police told us that we do not need a permit to march on the sidewalk as long as we do not obstruct traffic and stop at the lights, so we are planning to march down 17th Street and back in the afternoon, for those who wish to do that. Please bring only portable items, such as a waterbottle that hooks to your belt, some power bars, very comfortable shoes, wallet in pocket so you will have hands free to hold a sign or banner.

Signs and banners:

We are bringing a big banner and several 3′ x 5′ banners. Please feel free to bring poster board signs that you can carry. Pictures of your children on the signs are good. Be sure to emphasize that the children are living with a known batterer or molester, and that you are a safe, nurturing mom. Messages about civil and human rights violations and judicial retaliation are also good.


Only 2 people have sent stories. Let me know if you want your case summary in a booklet. It needs to be one page and you can use a pseudonym if you wish.

Lots of other news:

Nationwide Mother's Day Rally!

Get your Rally Tote Bag!

  1. The audit of two California family courts hit the front page of the Sacramento Bee due to the courts stonewalling the Bureau of State Audits. A new bill AB 2521 (Torrico) was introduced to remove the ability of the Judicial Council to audit itself.
  2. Dr. Phil show on April 14, 2010 was outstanding! We understand he plans to do another show on family court. Kathleen Russell is the powerhouse behind this incredible surge. We applaud and honor her.
  3. A new political group Lemkau Must Go was formed in Southern CA to get rid of the judge who is directly responsible for decisions leading to the death of a 9 month old baby named Wyatt, whose mother Katie was featured on Dr. Phil. Mothers of Lost Children is supporting this effort.
  4. On Saturday, May 22, 2010, The Committee to Stop Court Ordered Child Abuse invites you to an Open Public Forum about the Crisis in Family Courts from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 101 8th St., Oakland CA. (510) 789-0510. If you want to share your story, please call Supervisor, Gail Steele at (510) 272-6692
  5. Also on Saturday, May 22, 2010, there will be an event in Shasta County, CA. Contact: Shasta County Chapter of the California Protective Parents Association.
  6. Even California judges are getting fed up. They formed a splinter group Alliance of California Judges due to the financial crisis. Life is very exciting in California these days.
  7. Sign a petition to Congress.
  8. The vast majority of mothers who contact us tell us that they are prayerful Christians. If you are interested in a nightly prayer conference call at 9:00 p.m. California time (midnight on the East Coast), or a new prayer conference call on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, .

Mothers of Lost Children
P.O. Box 1903
Davis, CA 95617

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